Sep 10, 2018

5 Mistakes I Made As A Blogger

This is a rather personal post. Not about my life in general, but my journey as a blogger. There is a reaction behind everyone's mind when the word "blogger" is triggered. To me, it isn't a positive one. Because of that I've been hiding behind my computer screen and tapping on my keyboard just to keep this blog going. I love what I'm doing on this blog, mainly the reason why I still blogging about beauty after a good 8 years.

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I really want to bring this blog up to the next level, so I'm listing down all the mistakes I've done, hope to rectify the mistakes. They say mistakes are the best teacher, and I couldn't agree more.

#1 - Feeling embarrassed

I remember at an event, a guy asked me what do I do for a living, and I said I'm a blogger. He was like, "so you always get free stuff?". I tried to explain to him that I don't write for free. And then his reply pierced me so sharp "not only you take other people's stuff for free, you want people to pay you and send you the free stuff?". I felt so embarrassed.

In countries like the U.S., Australia and European countries, bloggers are looked up to as a journalist, a business owner or event a subject-matter expert (they call it KOL now - key opinion leader). But not here in Malaysia. The image of a blogger is ruined by some who constantly looking for perks with the blogger job title and even ruined the business ecosystem for bloggers.

I stopped calling myself a blogger since then.

Not until recently, I begin to regret this. Being a blogger is not about how many paychecks we get at the end of the day or how many free things we receive, it really is a job to inform. The responsibility of a blogger is how much value we can bring to our readers through our posts. Because of feeling embarrassed, I failed to bring up my blog as a brand. This eventually will fail me when I try to advocate something on my blog.

#2 - Do not take my blog seriously

I have a fulltime job, albeit being a fulltime blogger is what I desire. I want to become a fulltime blogger, not because of the money nor the privilege. What I really seek is a flexible time where I can stay at home and spend more time with my family. I have been staying away from my family for a long time and the feeling of missing out really hurts a lot. I could find a job in my hometown but it really isn't easy. Getting another job isn't my focus because I still want that freedom to be at home, cook for my grandma, bring her out for tea, etc.

If I want to make blogging my fulltime job, it is time for me to take my blog seriously. I will have to tackle my first problem of being embarrassed. I have to openly let people know that I blog and I enjoy doing it.

#3 - Do not prepare my marketing kit

The thing about opportunity is, it comes at the least expected moment. There are many times I turned down blogging gigs because I don't have a proper marketing kit for my blog. When a brand or PR company ask for my rate, I don't have a number to give them or a proposal to send out.

This is by far the biggest mistake. I am still learning about the reasonable rate and understanding my audience so that I can give a better value proposition to my potential clients.

#4 - Taking things too personally

I get a lot of comments from my blog, sometimes they are encouraging, but most of the time they're not. Comments like - I have bad English, I'm showing off, etc. really puts me down. There were a few times I thought of stop blogging entirely, but luckily I manage to control that noises around me and pick only the positive comments to respond to. I read a lot of U.S. blogs and they don't write in perfect English as well. I don't have to feel bad about my bad grammar.

What I have to do is to focus on the content of my blog and ask myself what I can bring to the table. It is not about how I should react to negative comments. There can be 1 reader who gave a negative comment, but 100 more who benefit from what I deliver.

#5 - Do not have a content calendar 

Because I'm not an online magazine, nor an online portal, I don't have a content calendar. It is hard for me to stick to a publishing pattern, mainly because I don't take my blog too seriously (back to point number 2). I am trying my very best to blog daily, whether it is just 20% of a complete post, or taking photos or working on the backend coding, I need to get my feet going. Oh, it rhymes!

"It takes 21 days to form a habit" - Maxwell Maltz

So for the next 21 days, I will spend at least 30 minutes a day to work on my blog.

I think these are the thing I've done wrong through my blogging journey. I'm not sure what's the purpose this post brings to you, but if you're a blogger, maybe you can resonate with what I said and ponder upon it. 

Sep 8, 2018

Sephora New Brands: Pretty Vulgar, Huda Beauty & Saturday Skin

Sephora is getting pretty exciting lately with these new brands onboard. First of all, Huda Beauty's presence in South East Asia is long overdue. Huda Beauty followers are majority Muslim women and it makes sense for her to bring her brand here since we are an Islamic country. I'm not too sure what's the reason behind the delay, but let's rejoice it is finally here. Pretty Vulgar on the other hand is a new cult brand that caught a lot of attention lately. Last but not least, Saturday Skin just pops out of nowhere and I didn't even know this brand exists until I was browsing through Sephora's website.

Pretty Vulgar

I have to talk about this brand first. I have been dying to try this and finally! Initially, I was excited beyond reason and added 5 items from Pretty Vulgar into my cart. But then senses came to me, and I went on to consult Tati. I trust her review 100% because she always gives a fair review and has never been a brand slave. I watched her video and pretty much buy-in to what she recommended.

After watching the video, I reduced to getting the Shimmering Swan Highlighter and The Ink Gel Eyeliner. The highlight was rated as all-time A+ in Temptalia, I know it would be a star product. And the Ink Gel Eyeliner just won my heart with the ink bottle that resembles classic calligraphy ink. Albeit the packaging of Pretty Vulgar is very pretty, the quality doesn't reflect the price of the products. It feels plasticky, cheap and you can get better packaging from drugstore brands. If you're buying anything from Pretty Vulgar just for the packaging, don't be fooled.

Huda Beauty

This isn't my first Huda Beauty product. I had the matte liquid lipsticks (they dry up my lips so badly). And I had the Rose Gold palette (totally not impressed at all). But I think this brand deserves a second chance from me. After all the Obsessions Eyeshadow palette is too cute to pass. My first choice was the Mauve palette which has a pink/rose gold hue. Since it was sold out, the Smokey palette is my next pick. It is a palm-sized, perfect for travelling. To my surprise, this small palette comes with a mirror inside. But the packaging looks cheap with the cardboard casing. The combination of matte, shimmer and satin texture gives you the flexibility to create multiple looks. It also has a fair bit of neutral shades. You can create looks beyond smokey like how the name suggests. With the usual Huda Beauty quality, I think this palette is worth getting.

Saturday Skin

This is an entirely new brand for me. I've not tried a single product from Saturday Skin and I think the packaging is so sweet. This is a free deluxe size product that automatically added into my cart when I check out. I'm glad I have the chance to try it because the Daily Dew Hydrating Essence Mist is pretty mediocre. There's nothing noteworthy me to recommend. The mist has no scent and I don't think my skin benefit anything from it. But it's still a good product to keep in your purse in case you need some freshen up during hot days.

So let me know if you are interested to know more about each of the product in a more detailed review. Just vote below:

Which product you would want to read a full review?

Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette
Pretty Vulgar The Ink Gel Eyeliner
Pretty Vulgar Shimmering Swan Highlighter
Saturday Skin Daily Dew Hydrating Essence Mist


Sep 2, 2018

Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Light & Creamy Tint Squeeze Lip

Another lipstick review? You might think. And you don't need another lipstick, right. What if I tell you, this is unlike any other lipsticks you had before.

The Creamy Lip is Mamonde's new collection in their lipstick line. Or should I say they are the Mamonde's new collections because there are two different lipstick formulas? There are 10 shades of the Tint Balm and 20 shades of the Tint Squeeze in this line. How this is different?

Creamy Tint Squeeze Lip

First thing first, the texture is frosty, kinda like your usual cream lipstick but leans to the hydrating side because it is 28% infused with rose water. The rich texture glides smoothly and easy to control if you want to have a sheer coverage or a full intense lipstick. The packaging is really cool. Unlike other cream lipsticks that come in a form of gloss tube with doe foot applicator, this lip cream comes in a rubbery squeezable crayon tube. It is hygienic and I love the idea of it.

Creamy Tint Color Balm Light

It has a 3-in-1 function where you can use it as a lip balm, tinted of course, lip tint or a lipstick. This product can be used as a cream blusher. It is so versatile that I think you should get all the shades, then you'll never have to buy any lipstick, lip balm, and blusher again.

You can purchase the Mamonde's Creamy Lip Tint Balm from Amazon for $20.05.

To achieve the K-Pop look, both the products are used to compliment each other. You can mix and match the colours and texture to get the gradient look or intensify the colour by using the same shade with different texture.

I think I'll leave it to the pro to show you how the 2-color layering is done properly:

All Mamonde's products can be purchased through the Mamonde Beauty Counters at Aeon 1 Utama, PJ, Aeon Mid Valley Megamall, KL, Parkson Suria KLCC, KL, Aeon Bukit Indah, JB, Aeon Tebrau City, JB, Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang and Sephora stores located at Mid Valley Megamall, KL, 1 Utama, PJ, IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, Komtar, Johor Bahru, IMAGO Shopping Mall, KK and Nu Sentral, KL. It is also available on and


Sep 1, 2018

The Story About The Death of Naked Palette by Urban Decay

By now you should have heard about the Naked palette that was announced "dead" by Urban Decay. Any rational mind would be questioning - is this a marketing gimmick? It seems like it is. Urban Decay produced a video of discontinuing the palette.

It doesn't make sense for a brand to release an ad after the decision to discontinue the palette. In the video all of they have called out the palette as OG - meaning the original. Therefore, it is safe to say that we can expect another Naked palette to be released real soon.

Take note that UD did not specify which Naked palette that they're discontinuing. From the video/ad, it seems like Naked 2, 3, basics, and other Naked palettes are here to stay.

When the Naked palette was launched 8 years ago, Urban Decay was a stand-alone brand, and later was acquired by L'Oreal. At that time, the Naked palette was the best palette ever made in the beauty industry. It compliments every skin tone, and has a variety of finish and works well on anyone. There wasn't any eyeshadow that can top the Naked palette. After the L'Oreal acquisition, Urban Decay have evolved as a brand and also improved their formula in their eyeshadows. From a business point of view, it is about time for UD to remove some of the older products and replace with a new version. Most of the other Naked palettes were launched after the acquisition from L'Oreal.

But what fans don't realize is that UD commercialized the discontinuation of the Naked palette so that the older stocks get cleared off. It is also to increase the hype of the Naked palette after it slumber into a humble zone after being in the spotlight for a while. After the announcement was made, the Naked palette completely sold out within a few hours. It is almost impossible to get your hands on the OG Naked palette unless you stumble upon any reseller, but expect to pay a hefty price.

Did you stock up on the OG Naked palette after hearing the news that it will be discontinued? Comment below and let me know if you did. Certainly, I took the chance to do some online shopping to keep one of the palettes.

At the same time, UD already patented another Naked palette called Naked AF. We expect this palette to be the cousin of the OG Naked palette. Do watch out for the news and let's see if our speculation is correct. Only time will tell.


Aug 23, 2018

5 Facts you didn't know about Face Oil

#1 - Your skin age slower when you use a face oil

Oil is a natural agent for preservation. If you notice, some preserved food is kept in a glass container with a layer of oil on top of it. The oil works as a barrier to keep away free radicals (molecules that responsible for fastening ageing) from attacking the top layer of the skin. The ageing process slows down by half when you use face oil frequently.

#2 - Face oil doesn't clog the pores

If you think that face oil clogs the pores, it really is the mineral oils that do that. Natural face oil that comes from natural ingredients binds together harmoniously with your skin oil so it doesn't clog the pores. Instead, it helps to keep the oil balanced on your skin.

#3 - Face oil can be worn as a makeup base

Typically, face oil is worn at night because it is perceived as too heavy to be worn under the makeup. It is not true when you use a natural face oil. The face oil layers up as a perfect canvas for your foundation and even make the foundation glides smoothly. If you're going to try this, remember to apply some loose powder to set the makeup. The face oil will keep your skin conditioned at all times.

#4 - Face oil reduce acne problems

Contrary to popular belief, face oil doesn't cause acne, in fact, it reduces acne problems. Artifical face oil such as mineral oils tends to clog the pores and create acne due to the bacteria growth happening under your skin. With natural face oil, the oil is a perfect barrier for dirt and bacteria from entering your skin through the pores.

#5 - Sensitive skin can't go wrong with face oil

If you have sensitive skin and your skin breaks out every time you use a new skincare, maybe it is time for you to switch to a natural face oil. Natural face oil is often harvested from flowers, seeds or fruits so they don't cause inflammation.

The face oil that I am currently loving is the L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Youth Oil. As the name suggests, it keeps my skin youthful. Believe it or not, I don't have to wear foundation anymore. All I use for the day is just tinted moisturizer. Thanks to the face oil, most of my skin problems have subsided.

Purchase from L'Occitane. Price: 15ml - RM245; 30ml - RM473

Aug 22, 2018

14 Places the Crazy Rich Asians Hang Out in Singapore

Have you watched the Crazy Rich Asians movie? I cannot say that the movie doesn't inspire me to visit Singapore. Being the ignorant neighbour, I don't fancy Singapore as a holiday destination, but more of a next town to visit family & friends. Seeing the city on the screen gives a whole lot of different perspective and I actually will "open my eyes" and really take in the beauty of the city in a slower pace.

Who has a slow pace in Singapore, where the city is always hustling and bustling? Well, the rich do. Here are the 20 places I picked to visit in Singapore (if you're crazy rich).

Mandarin Gallery

Unlike the other major malls, the Mandarin Gallery reserves some edgy and newly launched fashion apparels. You won't find the "tacky" luxurious brands with monograms around here, but it has a neighborhood mall feel where the rich usually hang out.

The Providore

Located inside Mandarin Gallery, this cafe becomes a quick pit stop for caffeine fix for shoppers.

PS. Cafe

There are at least four outlets scattered around Singapore. The PS. Cafe is a great spot for brunch with your friends while catching up with their latest holiday trip. Otherwise, the interior of this cafe really brings out the OOTD in your Instagram feed.

Cafe & Bar Gavroche

If you carefully angle your photo around this cafe, one might mistake that you're in Paris. Because the cafe has so many intricate decor, it is best to wear a plain outfit such as a white shirt with jeans to get the best Instagram photo.


Foodies have been rating this place a five-star and gourmands around the world are flocking to Iggy's. Rich Singaporeans would bring their overseas friends here for a taste of fine dining. Tucked in a five-star hotel, the Hilton, there is nothing more luxurious than having caviar for a starter here at Iggy's.

Sky on 57

It can be a little bit cliche for a Singaporean to hang out at a much touristy spot such as Sky on 57. But our recommendation comes from a Singaporean friend who frequently brings his business friends here for the view of Singapore. According to him, business travellers don't have the time to explore Singapore, so he would bring them here for the paranomic view while savouring the SGD48 Lobster Hokkien Mee.

Kaiseki Yoshiyuki

Helmed by award-winning Chef Yoshiyuki Kashiwabara, this restaurant specialises in kaiseki, the traditional Japanese multi-course meal. At Kaiseki Yoshiyuki, you don't just sample the best food made of freshest ingredients, you will also be presented with art on a plate.

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon

You probably can find L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon around the world. But there is nothing more satisfying than a good course of a tasting menu on Friday night. You can often find rich people hanging out here for fine food and wine.

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

As the name suggests, this restaurant serves the perfect classic Chinese Peking Duck dish, expertly roasted by chefs from Beijing. Usually you can spot rich Asian family having their weekend lunch here.

Banyan Tree Spa

Spa is a luxury beyond money can buy. First, you gotta have lots of cash to spend. Second, you need to put aside some time for spa. In Singapore, the only people who can afford a spa session are those CRA. Banyan Tree is one of the top pick because of the ambiance, extensive spa menu and also the expertise of the staff.


Espa is also one of the favourite of local CRA because of the green scenery and various spa options. The Japanese style onsen and Turkish hammam are often recommended as the best spa treatment in town.


Nothing beats a comfortable facial at SK-II. The brand itself has a long list of portfolio of CRA mainly because the expensive price tag.

Sky Bar at Ku De Ta

The CRA don't usually hangs out at bar because it would be too embarassing (the Asian family values in practice) but if they do, you can find them at Sky Bar at Ku De Ta.

The Shopping Gallery Hilton

Who shops at the hotel? The CRA of course. The Hilton Shopping Gallery not only cut away boisterous shoppers where you can have a personal shopping space, you can also summon a personal shopper to bring the specially curated items for your viewing in your suite if you're staying at Hilton. Why bother to go from shop to shop when you're a CRA, right?

Have you watched the Crazy Rich Asians movie? What do you think about it? 

Aug 1, 2018

LUSH Cosmetic is coming to Malaysia

Remember those days when we have to travel to Singapore just to get our favourite LUSH products? We can finally leave those days behind. LUSH Cosmetic is opening their very first store in Pavilion. It's not even a rumour. The company is actively recruiting staffs to kick-start their debut here.

LUSH is yet to announce the actual date, but we're seeing it happening really soon. Follow their Facebook page LUSH Malaysia for updates. 

Jul 29, 2018

Encore Melaka - Is it worth it?

If you're in Melaka and driving pass the Kota Laksamana area, you probably get a good peep on the new Encore building located far away on the reclaimed land. You can't miss it, especially at night because of the bright LED screen on the top of the building which resembles water flowing from the top of the building.

Photo from @jonathanfun

The building was spectacular, a design which is so novel in Melaka and standing right in the middle of an empty land, is a breath-taking attraction for anyone who visits. Now, the question that keeps popping up everywhere in Melaka recently - what is Encore Melaka? To my surprise, even the local didn't know what it was. It feels like it popped up overnight and became the hottest sensation in town. I admit I didn't even know it exists until I was given the tickets to the opening show. To answer that question, Encore Melaka is a theatre space and it is also the very first in Melaka.

The chief architect of Encore Melaka theatre, Mr Wang Ge hails from the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD). Specially designed for the Encore Melaka performance, the theatre building is more than meets the eye.

Encore Melaka introduces Southeast Asia's largest performing arts theatre with a 360-degree rotating audience platform facing a 240 metre-long stage with multiple built-in hydraulic stages. With this state-of-art technology, Encore Melaka was designed to deliver an awe-inspiring experience.

The geometric ceiling has concaved arcs made out of thousands of fish scale-like LED panels, which reflect light from the ever-changing and vibrant sky of Melaka. The Encore Melaka theatre embodies the cloud and sea, movement and serenity, and where East meets West. This unconventional design concept represents a journey through time and space, complementing the Encore Melaka performance.

About the show:

Encore Melaka is a series of short sketches that feature the culture, art, lifestyle and history of Melaka through song, dance and sceneries, immersing you in the performance with all your senses. Travelling through time, space and centuries of Melaka stories, Encore Melaka encompass the spirit of the land.

Scene 1: Parameswara

In 1400, Prince of Sumatra, Parameswara came to Melaka on a hunting mission. Parameswara was resting under a tree near a river during a hunt when one of his dogs cornered a mouse deer. The mouse deer bravely kicked the hunting dog into a river and ran away. Astounded by the courage and relentlessness of the mouse deer, Parameswara then decided to build his kingdom there and named it after the tree he rested under, Melaka.

Scene 2: Cheng Ho

In 1405, Cheng Ho's fleet arrived in Melaka for the first time. Their arrival was marked by the drummers. They arrived in Melaka in peace. Tales say that they fell in love with the locals, had children of their own, and began the heritage of the distinctive Baba Nyonya culture.

Scene 3: Nyonya & Wedding

This is the scene of a wedding in 1880. Descendants of Baba Ah Jie and Nyonya Ah Lan, from Cheng Ho's time, still live in Melaka. You can meet them when you visit Jonker Street.

Scene 4: Six Mothers 

In 1948, there was a shipwreck. A baby floated on a plank and drifted to the Melaka port. Six women from the Melaka City passed by the port, heard the baby's cries and adopted him. They gave him everything - food, clothes education and love. With hardship and love, they cared for this boy who eventually nurtured a harmonious nation with a bright future. 70 years have passed, and now, his mothers have all been laid to rest, but his longing towards them never stopped. The six mothers embody Melaka, the boy represents the people of Melaka.

Scene 5: Pregnant Mothers

The city's longevity exists due to generations of people. This scene represents generations that have been born in Melaka, paying homage to those who have rooted and moulded the Melakan culture, and will continue to do so.

Scene 6: Wau 

Melaka is historical, a UNESCO heritage. Apart from its old buildings, the people and crafts of the city are also living histories. Vistors admire and respect Melaka's heritage that continues to thrive, thanks to the generations of skilled craftsmen. Portrayed through the character Awang, a kite maker, and his dedication to a life of passion for arts and craft, Chief Director Wang Chaoge pays tribute to all the inheritors.

Scene 7: Finale

With a modern approach to storytelling, the sounds and scenes of Encore Melaka will linger on in the minds of the audience. When one leaves the theatre and faces the serenity of the Straits of Melaka, a sentiment of "I'm grateful to be here in Melaka," will be the gift from Encore Melaka, ending the performance perfectly in the highest realm of peacefulness.

Is it worth it?

You may ask if the show is worth it? The answer can be subjective. As a theatre-goer and someone who appreciates art, I think the show was a brilliant adaption of Melaka's value, culture, art & history. The technology used to deliver the performance is one-of-a-kind which I never seen anywhere in my life. The scene where water poured down on to the stage was amazing, I'm sure you'll be amazed as well.

The show takes up to 3 hours, which makes it hard to catch if you're on a short day-trip. Otherwise, the building outside makes an Instagram-worthy post.


  • Showtimes - Monday to Saturday 5:30pm & 8:30pm; Sunday 2:30pm & 5:30pm
  • Encore Melaka is not accessible by public transport at the moment. Do hail a taxi of Grab.
  • If you drive, access through Oriental Straits Medical Centre or McDonald's Limbongan road.
  • Price: Standard Seat - RM128 (Malaysian) & RM148 (Non-Malaysian); Premium Seat - RM228 (Malaysian) & RM248 (Non-Malaysian).
  • How to purchase the tickets: Whatsapp +6016-432 1445 or purchase directly from the ticketing counter at Encore Melaka. 


Jul 24, 2018

Hotel Review: Cameron Highlands Resort

When it comes to choosing accommodation in Cameron Highlands, you have tones of choices. Mainly because the entire mountain caters for tourists, so everyone is taking the opportunity to build boutique hotels or running their own homestay. I don't really want to risk getting a run down or dirty place to stay, so the only option really is the Cameron Highlands Resort.

This resort is managed by the reputable YTL Hotels and it embraces the 3T's - Traditions, Trail & Tales.


The building of the resort was built and designed with a Tudor influence, representing the British ruling period. Cameron Highlands was discovered by the British. The cool air of the highlands reminded the British of their homeland and they started to explore this mountain. It quickly became a holiday destination for those who wanted to take a breath of fresh air from the hot humid weather in Malaysia. And that purpose remains the same until today.

To retain the same sentimental elements on the inside, the new fresh furniture is carefully chosen to complement the exterior of the building. The four post bed with decorative mosquito net is what the British used to own in their house here to keep the annoying mosquitoes away at night.

The room is extremely spacious with a corner of living area and private balcony for each unit. The only thing I didn't get why there was no bathtub in the room ensuite. All the other YTL Hotels that I've been to has a bathtub in the room, however, not this one. Cameron Highlands has a low-key nightlife, it can be pretty boring. I wished they had a bathtub so I could spend my night reading and relax as I soak in the tub.

And I was pretty sad we didn't get a room that is overlooking the golf field. Perhaps, next time. I'm sure this won't be our last time here.


The Cameron Highlands Resort accredited Jim Thompson's in its premise. The lounge is named Jim Thompson Tea Room and there's also a silk boutique inside the resort featuring various products from the Jim Thompson brand.

Jim Thompson was a residence in Cameron Highlands and he is famous for his silk business in Thailand. Cameron Highlands was his second home. He mysteriously disappeared one day when he was exploring the woods in the vicinity of his house in Cameron Highlands. There were many theories on his story. Some says he was eaten by a tiger. And some believes he was kidnapped into a parallel universe.

We had the chance to follow his mystery trail with the guidance of the Cameron Highlands Resort botanic. The resort prepared us the transportation and we arrived at a jungle track which is located a few kms away from the resort, which is also in the area of the Jim Thompson's villa, Moonlight Bungalow.

The jungle track was the highlight of our trip. We love jungles and plants. With a botanic guiding us the way, it was more of an educational trip, instead of a Jim Thompson Mystery Trail. We were taught how to spot a safe track in the jungle - basically stay away from the wild goats or wild boars track. The tigers would be most likely appear on that track looking for food. We also learn how to spot resting place of animals. It's the best place to take a rest there because the animals probably know where are the safest place to rest. A lot of the things we learn are common sense. But in the jungle, it is pretty hard to differentiate the

Overall, the hotel is entirely a trip to the golden years. The service was extremely good and the hotel room was really clean. The only thing I could use is a bathtub in the room (which apparently only available in the suite).

If you book directly with the hotel, you're entitled to the free gifts below:

  • steamboat buffet for 2
  • spa treatment for 1 (45 minutes)
  • jungle trekking with the resident botanist (this was the highlight of the trip for me)

The total package was approximately RM1500 for 2 nights. 
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