May 19, 2018

How to own your first Hermès Birkin Bag

There are so many hypes around the internet (or entire Malaysia) about the Hermès Birkin bag. I want to share a fair bit of information here if you're looking to own a Birkin bag.

If you don't know, I'm a crazy bag lady myself (not as crazy as Rosmah). I do work hard for my bags and they don't come home easy.

Buying directly from the Hermès Boutique

Getting the Birkin from the Hermès Boutique is almost impossible if you have no stature in the society. This means you must be someone really important. Even famous celebrities aren't able to get it. Hermès determines who they want to sell the bag to - this is to control the brand image, the craft and also controlling the price (which they failed badly).
  1. Build your reputation by gradually increase your purchase. Start with smaller items such as keychain, then scarf, wallet, shoes, bigger bags, etc. The point here is to get into the Hermès clientele list.
  2. Once they determine that you're a "valued customer", they will be sending you gifts or invitation to their private events. Look for the sales manager at the event and request him/her to put you on "THE LIST". You may wait forever, or they might be offering it to you right away. 
The thing is, Birkin bags aren't limited as how it is portrayed. Behind the store counter, I can bet there are one or two Birkins waiting for the right owner. The most important question to solve is, whether they are willing to sell it to you?

There is "THE LIST" that is a taboo for all Birkin followers. We don't know if THE LIST really exists or it is just a polite gesture by Hermès to tell you fuck-off-you're-not-getting-that-birkin. I don't know because I don't work at Hermès but you can certainly try. This is probably the only way to get it out right from the brand store.


Most people get their bags from agent. These agents have reputation of buying lots of Birkin bags and Hermès willing to sell them more. Some agents have the privilege to get 100 of Birkins in a month. Their job is simply to fly around the world to purchase the bag from different store.

How to find these agents? There are a lot of research to do. The best place might be eBay. Look for those seller that list the most Birkins on their store. That is a high possibility that they're an agent. Or get connected to luxury brands reseller such as Reebonz.

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I get the same questions from friends asking me:

Why is Birkin so expensive?

  • It is not. You can get it as low as RM30,000+. It is expensive because of the abuse of price. Those who have the power to buy, will keep it to control the stock (i.e. Rosmah). Once it is limited, it becomes expensive. Read the demand-supply rule.
  • The limited edition are the ones worth a lot of money. Not all Birkins are worth "investing" like how you read. If you really consider investing in one, go for the crocodile or ostrich skin. the ostrich skin is no longer in production, so the price can fetch up to RM200,000+. Meanwhile, the crocodile skin is regulated. Although production is still on-going, the quantity is scarce. 

Why do people buy it?

  • It is the same concept why men buy cars. Hermès created this bag out of practicality and it was meant to be a weekend bag for Jane Birkin when she travels. It quickly became a sensation among rich women and soon it became the symbol of "powerful woman". While women power is at its prime time, corporate women buy this bag to reward themselves.

Should you buy it for investment?

  • I totally against buying for investment. You will further abuse the price system for Hermès. To be honest, the quantity is not as limited as you think. Hermès will continue to produce the bag because it is one of their highest sale. You need the "eyes" to tell if it is worth an investment. 
  • If you have RM300,000+ lying around, then go for the limited edition skin (crocodile or ostrich). Otherwise, don't buy it for investment. 
  • I have the 30 Togo in rose. At the time I got it, the price was around RM20,000+, but now, it might be around RM15,000+ because it is the normal leather type. There really isn't any resale value at all because it is so common. 

Are you interested to learn about the Hermès Birkin such as the types, size, and there's even Birkin bankcruptcy that happens once in awhile. Want to know what is Birkin bankcruptcy? 

May 13, 2018

Brush Calligraphy Workshop by @novebyvivient

Two weeks ago, Alie & I signed up for a calligraphy class at Seremban. Pretty strange right.... why Seremban? I'm living in Melaka, and Alie lives in PJ, so Seremban is our middle point to meet. It took me only 1 hour of smooth driving to Tabiyo (Seremban well-known Japanese stationery shop).

My table was set up as soon as I arrived...

Teacher Vivien showing the strokes...

The workshop was quite fun (mainly because Alie & I were really noisy dropping jokes in between), otherwise, the rest of the group were pretty quiet.

I think it is good to attend the workshop. I tried to follow YouTube lessons and imitate the curves, but it didn't turn out well. During the workshop, I was able to ask Vivien a lot, especially where I should turn, what is the pressure I should put, etc. Those tips aren't available through online lessons. Vivien is also able to comment on my work as we progress through the practice.

I started really badly to the point I almost give up. But I managed to get through all the practices and finally produced this...

Yes! I can proudly say that this is my work! Notice the crab I wrote on my practice sheet? I couldn't wait for the legendary crab feast at Seremban Seafood Village. I highly recommend ordering the baked crab.

And that's the end of my lovely weekend in Seremban. I will go back to explore more. Please let me know what's good (food) to try in Seremban.


May 6, 2018


Blooms majestically in vibrant colours of red, orange, pink and yellow – the Hibiscus flower is not only pleasing to the eyes, but it also has many health benefits when consumed as tea. Numerous health studies conducted have found that consuming hibiscus tea helps in lowering blood pressure, reducing bad cholesterol and it also found to lower body mass index (BMI).

Apart from its health benefits, the flower also has astounding benefits to the skin which include exfoliating, firming and lifting; earning the Hibiscus the nickname ‘Botox Plant’. The Hibiscus is a source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) which are known to aid in increasing moisture in the skin.

Utilizing the moisturizing substance of the Hibiscus flower, MAMONDE combines Hibiscus Ceramide Plus, an ingredient that provides the skin with a moist skin barrier. The Hibiscus helps to provide hydration to the skin while the high content of ceramide (which was exclusively developed for 20 years) helps to strengthens the overall components of the skin barrier.

The Importance of Ceramide

Our skin is damaged by many external factors such as harmful UV rays, environmental pollution, stimulating chemical products and excessive scrubbing / exfoliating. This causes damage to our skin barrier, which is the outermost layer of our skin. The damage causes our skin to be dull, dry, rough and dehydrated. How our skin barrier functions is crucial because a damaged skin barrier makes it difficult to repair skin troubles such as wrinkles, dry skin and breakouts no matter how diligent you are in your skincare routine. A damaged skin barrier will see improvement with the use of the right product targeted at protecting our skin’s barrier. While many of us would resort to using a moisturiser or nourishing cream to combat dry, dull or dehydrated skin, research has proven that products with high concentration of oil and moisture may help form a protective layer to reduce the skin’s moisture loss but they may not essentially increase the amount of moisture in the skin. The use of ceramide has been widely known to be the most important component making up the skin layer since it accounts for about 50% of the lipid that also functions to supply ample moisture to the skin. It acts as the body’s outermost walls that protect us from the external environment.

A moisturizing range like no other, the Mamonde NEW Advanced Moisture Ceramide Range contains double the moisturizing agent found in Hibiscus to help in retaining moisture inside the skin and its high concentration of ceramide helps build a double layered moisture barrier on the skin surface to help in preventing the skin’s moisture loss. To top it off, its soft and tight texture absorbs easily onto skin and upon application, the skin feels well-moisturized and healthy.

The range contains the following benefits:

  • Doubled the content of Hibiscus extracts help in moisturising the skin, thus strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier.
  • Double-Moisture Barrier Technology helps in strengthening the protective layer of the skin, thus contributing to the limitation of harmful substances inflow while ensuring that the skin is always moisturised and hydrated.
  • Special formula that helps stabilise high-content of ceramide, which comprises 50% of the stratum corneum lipids. To top it off, the Lipid Networking System creates a smooth formula that allows the ceramide to adhere to the skin with its structure similar to the skin.

Moisture Ceramide Light Cream, 50ml (RM139)

The Moisture Ceramide Light Cream contains double the moisturizing ingredient made up of mainly hibiscus extracts to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier in keeping the skin moisturised and healthy look. Similar to the skin’s own components, ceramide is quickly absorbed to offer moisture. Upon application, its soft and light texture melts onto skin to leave a fresh finish. This lighter alternative is perfect for those with combination skin or for those who don’t like the heaviness of the Intense Cream.

Benefits of the Cream

  • Offers 24-hour hydration with soft and refreshing texture
  • Helps to protect and strengthens skin’s moisture barrier to ensure skin is moisturised and hydrated
  • Moisture Ceramide Intense Cream, 50ml (RM139)
  • The Moisture Ceramide Intense Cream works just like the Light Cream to provide a boost of moisture to the skin. Similar to the skin’s own components, Ceramide is quickly absorbed to offer moisture. Moreover, the double content of moisturizing ingredient extracted from the Hibiscus strengthens the skin barrier to create a moist and healthy looking skin. The Moisture Ceramide Intense Skin is especially suitable for consumers with flaky, sensitive and rough skin.
  • Long-lasting intense hydration
  • Helps to protect and strengthens skin’s moisture barrier to ensure skin is moisturised and hydrated
  • Suitable to be used in between seasons

Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener, 20oml (RM 75)

An intensive moisturizing toner, the Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener helps protect the skin’s moisture barrier that is damaged by external environment and to provide a boost of hydration to the skin. This Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener also helps in providing deep hydration to the skin without stickiness and it is also infused with Betaine, a moisturizing agent extracted from beet to offer a relaxing moisturizing experience to the skin.

Benefits of the Softener

  • Offers intense hydration to the skin
  • Comes with highly moist, viscous translucent liquid texture
  • Formulated with safe ingredients. Suitable for those experiencing flaky/sensitive/rough skin especially during seasonal change.

Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Emulsion, 150ml (RM 85)

This is an intensive moisturizing emulsion that helps strengthens weakened skin moisture barrier and at the same time help in providing ample moisture to the skin. The Moisture Ceramide Emulsion has a lightweight creamy texture that helps absorb quickly into the skin to provide fresh, bountiful moisture to the skin without feeling sticky.

Benefits of the Emulsion

  • Fresh, smooth finish
  • Builds a soft skin moisture barrier without stickiness

The Mamonde Advanced Moisture Ceramide Range can be purchased through Mamonde
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