Jun 21, 2012

Bloop Nail Polish Sandy review & Giveaway!!!

Every time I passed by the Bloop shop, I always get attracted by the pretty deco. The shop has really chic candy store theme. I almost fooled by the deco, to be honest. I thought it’s a dessert shop until I step inside.... Oh, they actually sell makeups!

I got so distracted by the pretty stuff in Bloop that I never bought anything from there. I wanted to buy everything!!! Until last week, as I was browsing through  Zalora...... I couldn't resist anymore and bought 3 bottles of sandy nail polish. Remember long long time ago, I used to say that I foresee someone will come up with sand texture nail polish??? Well...... my prophecy came true!!! 

Anyway, Zalora made contemporary shopping so easy. They will send your shopping to your doorstep, and you don’t have to pay a single cent on the shipping! Since I live in the outback, this is one service I can see myself using all the time.

1.       The texture is very thick. You only need one coat. That saves a lot of time and product.
2.       I thought the texture is going to be as rough as sand paper. But it’s not. It just feels like matte nail polish.
3.       It has glitter particles that give a nice shine. If you paint your own nails, you know how pain in the ass it can be to remove the glitters. Well, it doesn’t happen with the Bloop nail polish. It is just as easy as removing normal nail lacquer.  So good news, if you love glittery nail polish but too lazy to remove the glitters, THIS is the nail polish for you. Just put on a top coat if you prefer a shiny effect than the matte finish.
4.       Dries very fast. This really depend whether you prefer fast drying nail polish or slow drying one. I wouldn’t advise you to use this if you want to do nail art. But if you’re busy people like me, it takes less than 1 minute for the paint to dry completely.
5.       The price is affordable. Only RM18.90 a bottle! Definitely will not burn your pocket.

1.       They don’t name the colors of the nail polish. It’s quite hard to tell which color is which because they have so many colors and some do look similar. However, they have code number which I find a bit hard to remember.
2.       The brush is quite short. Because of that it is a bit hard to paint the side of the nails.

I am going to give away ONE (1) bottle of the Bloop Sandy Nail Polish in the color of your choice. Of course your choice of color is limited to the three bottles I have. All you need to do is:
1.       FOLLOW this blog by clicking on the follow button on the right bar.
2.       State in the comment which of the nail polish you would like to receive (black, gold or purple).

If you really really really want it, then ask your sisters, friends, aunties and everyone to join to win on your behalf. I will be announcing the winner next Monday (25th June).

Good luck. 


whirlofwings said...

I would love to win the black color!

Kendra said...

Hi Jerine,

Your hands and cuticle seems very dry. ever try on burts bee lemon butter cuticle cream? it's work magically for my dry cuticle too.

I like the black colour bloop!!



Jerine said...

Kendra: Thanks a lot. I will remember to try it out.

Beauty Chatter said...

Hi Jerine!

I would love to win the Purple color!

Unknown said...

Jerine, I want the Purple one!!!! Thanks :)

Danielle Liew said...

hey Jerine,
i would love to try the black one! :D

Setsuna Huey Lyn said...

Hi Jerine sis~
I want to try the purple 1..
I think my sister wants them all..

Mabel Low said...

Gold! I wanna win the gold one. :D

Unknown said...
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Kelly said...

The black is lovely.

Ashley turicik said...

I follow you as - adriannasmommy26

I love the black color


Jerine said...

Hi Ashley & Kelly,

This contest already ended when you comment. Please try your luck on the recent Bloop Crack Nail Polish giveaway ok? Good luck.