Jun 14, 2012

Shopping: Cheap Leggings

I love leggings! It's one of the basic piece that I think every girl should have. It's really convenient to put on a t-shirt, or a short dress over it, and you're ready to head out of the house. Sometimes, I put on my leggings for a quick jog around the park. There are so many things you can do with leggings.

Because I wear it so often, I don't see the point of buying expensive leggings. When you wash it too often, the colour runs off and it became non-stretchable as it is before. So I opt for cheap leggings that I bought from Pasar Malam. If you don't know, Pasar Malam is Malaysian version of night market. You can get dirt cheap bargains there!

Tonight I bought 3 leggings from two different stores.

The basic black for every occasion. 

Got a little adventurous to try on sky blue leggings.

The original price for the legging is RM18 for one. I manage to bargain RM30 for two pieces. I will never pay the exact amount as the price tag in pasar malam. Always bargain! 

Next, I bought a leopard print leggings for RM20 (original price RM25). My mom bought one too, but here's mine...

I'm going to wear an oversized white t-shirt with black bikini to match this leopard print legging. I'm sure I'll look quite badass in it.

Total spent in pasar malam on these leggings..... RM50.

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