Jun 13, 2012

Review: K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeline


  1. Reasonably priced. I bought mine for RM53.90. The original price is RM59.90 and there was 10% discount at Sasa. I believe Sasa is the only place that sells K-Palette at the moment.
  2. The brush is sleek, fine and easy to use. If you don't have good hands to draw a perfect eyeliner, this might be the one for you because the brush is really easy to navigate.
  3. The ink is silky black. With just one stroke, it can create a perfect wing line. 
  4. It is long lasting. I tested it the night before I sleep, I drew it on my hand and the next morning, it stays like it was the night before. There's no smudge at all.

4.  It is waterproof. I sprayed some water on it and I tried to rub it off, it just wouldn't come off. That's how long lasting it is.

  1. Although it says it is waterproof and I have tested it personally and I confirm that it is waterproof, I just can't seem to find out the answer why it smudges on my eyes when I tear. I yawn a lot, so I tear along the way. The eyeliner just fade away. And I really don't like that. It makes me look like a zombie at the end of the day. This is the only downside of the product (maybe it is just a user-problem). 


I would buy it again despite it smudges when I tear because it is really easy to use. It is really handy to have when I'm rushing of time. I can just pop it into my purse and fix my eyeliner in the car. 



Anonymous said...

Hi, just a tip because I have the same eyeliner as you and also had problems with it fading away previously whenever I teared (from yawning or laughing too hard):

The eyeliner is removable by 'lukewarm water' as it says on the description. Your tears when first coming out of your eyes is slightly lukewarm from your body temperature. hence it erodes the eyeliner even though the eyeliner is technically waterproof, because the eyeliner is sensitive to the temperature of it.

Finally figured this out some time ago when I started crying hot tears and realised all the eyeliner was being washed away suddenly

Jerine said...

@Anonymous: Oh... That explains a lot. Thank you for letting me know. I never thought about it.