Jul 6, 2012

9gag t-shirt & merchandise

Do you read 9gag? If you don't, maybe it's the time to check it out? I used to get so addicted to 9gag because it's sooooooooo funny. One point in my life, I speak only 9gag vocabularies. Go read it and you'll understand what I mean.

Anyway, I found a shop in Empire Gallery that sells 9gag t-shirt. I think the shop is called Urban Tee (next to FOS). 9gag t-shirt is like one of those statement tee, but when another 9gag reader passed by you, they'll know that inside joke. I asked my brother if he wants it and he is really into "Me Gusta". 

I know this is not like a girlie girl fashion piece, but it's really cute to wear it. The t-shirt is RM35, which I think it's ok. And it comes with a free badge of your choice. 

I got the flip table badge, that's my favorite meme. I always find myself in situation which I really want to flip a table down. 

I wish they have more merchandise like mug. I really want a mug that says "Like A Boss". 

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