Jul 12, 2012

Black & Cream Outfits

Last week I paid Cotton On a visit. Since Cotton On is so dirt cheap in Australia, it doesn't seem appealing to me to buy Cotton On stuff in Malaysia. However, I spotted these body con lace skirt, I couldn't resist them...

The original price for each of the skirt is RM59. However, when I was at the counter to pay for my purchase, the staff told me:

Staff: It must be your lucky day. The black skirt just became RM15
Me: What do you mean?
Staff: The system changed the price of the skirt, so it's now RM15.
Me: Is that mean the white one is also RM15?
Staff: We'll have to see... *scan the price* Nope... this one is still RM59.
Me: OK. Fine... I still save some money.

I was soooooooo happy for that unexpected discount so I told my friend about it. Few hours later, my friend visited the same store and wanted to buy the same black skirt, but the price went back to RM59.

The lace is quite sturdy. I bought both colors - black and cream because they're colors that's very easy to match. I paired them with black and cream tops too.

I got both of the tops from Whitesoot. The service was quite ok. Fast replies and delivery. Unfortunately, I wasn't that happy with the products though. When I received them, I was thinking.... these are just like all those sold in Sungai Wang but double the price. The black top cost RM47 and the cream one is for RM53. If I get them directly from Sungai Wang, it will probably cost only RM25.

However, I am quite happy with the dress I got from them.

The inspired Herve Leger bandage body con dress (RM65)....... also in black and cream color.

Because I love black and cream so much, I also have high heels in both colors...

Right now I'm going to go on shopping again to collect some black and cream accessories. I definitely need some of that.


ara said...

love the lace skirts <3 so pretty ~~

Jerine said...

It's my favorite buy of the week.

cecylia said...

You have such a great figure!! Love the white lace skirt!! xx