Jul 4, 2012

DIY Ferrero Rocher Jewelry Tray

Just want to share this great idea that I got over the weekend.

I constantly look for things that I have that can be reuse, reduce and recycle. When I was about to throw away my Ferrero Rocher box, I thought I can reuse this as a ring tray. And true enough... the tray for the chocolate fits my ring perfectly.

All you need is a Ferrero Rocher chocolate box:

If you buy the chocolate from retail store it is about RM49 per tray. It is very expensive! But if you're in duty free shop such as airport store or Langkawi, a box only cost you RM29.90. I got mine at the cheaper price of course.

After you finish up your chocolate, you'll get an empty gold tray in a clear plastic box. I really don't like the Ferrero Collection sign on top of the box, so I just flip the box and the gold tray over.

Not only it is a practical storage, it is also beautiful. It sits perfectly on my dresser, displaying all my colourful rings. You can also put your earrings or necklace in it. If you have more jewelries, you can always get another box and stack them up. It is quite space efficient. Each of the compartment in the tray separates my jewelries nicely, it makes my task in selecting accessories easier.

What do you think?

I hope more people will start thinking whether they can reuse the stuff they have instead of throwing it away. Think twice before you throw away something. It might turn out to be a really useful thing.

Till then... will share with you guys more DIY stuff later.