Jul 22, 2012

Review: Hoyu Beautylabo Whip Hair Color

I went into Watson to get the Liese hair bubble because I really need to touch up my hair color. I came out with the new Beautylabo Whip Hair Color by Hoyu (this has nothing to do with Hado Labo). 

I admit I was attracted by the packaging more than anything. Anyway, it looks kinda interesting too. 

The content of the color kit - instruction sheet, shaker bottle, a pair of rubber gloves, water base solution, color powder and hair lotion.

Step 1: You need to pour in the water base solution into the shaker.

Step 2: Pour in the color powder into the water base solution. You'll need to mix them both together.

You'll get this....

Step 3: Close the lid. And start shaking as hard as you can so that the color can mix evenly. 

Unfortunately, it didn't mix evenly. The bottom of the shaker looks darker than the top.

It looks like a freshly brewed latte with lots of milk foam on top.

Step 4: Apply evenly on your hair. This process is a bitch. Leave it for 30 minutes.

I had my left over Starbucks while waiting... and it reminded me that the shaker bottle looks like Starbucks cup!!!

Step 5: Rinse off the dye completely. Wash your hair with your shampoo and apply conditioner accordingly. 
Step 6: Apply the hair lotion.

The top part is obviously brighter because it gets too messy to apply the dye on the bottom of my hair. The foam is super hard to manage because it got really foamy, almost feel like you're washing your hair with shampoo. Then it splattered everywhere. As a result, I didn't get to apply the color evenly at the bottom.

I must say I wasn't really impressed with it. The smell stinks like failed chemical project. And it stings my scalp. I thought I was going to turn bald when I rinse off my hair. However, I must give credit to the vibrant color. And nonetheless, I will not buy it again. Maybe the Liese bubble color would be a better choice.

Price: RM39.90 at Watson


Sabrina said...

this looks like fun! :p

Anonymous said...

I think u need not use all the whip if ur hair volume is not a lot. Probably the reason why u find it hard to manage. I hv tried before n my hair is long n over shoulder length. Color was good n even. Try to colour from thr edge not your scalp as it will be brighter as ur scalp has heat. I personally find it very smooth after dye unlike other brands n it's fun :)

Jerine said...

Thanks for the tips. That really helps. I shall try it the next time.

Nnnourah said...

Hi. How long the color would stay? A month?

Jerine said...

Its been a month and the color stays perfectly. But now I've touched up with new color.

qin said...

hw to get sample

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I was looking up instructions after I bought this and came across this review instead, I wish I had read this first!! You were absolutely right, the smell was unbearably strong, the foam was hard to manage, and the burn was quite intense in the beginning. @_@ My hair is still quite uneven though the aggregate color has definitely changed and is bright...for now. Overall, meh.