Aug 21, 2012

How to create your own makeup from Benefit products

Do you know that by having a few of Benefit products, you can create endless of other makeups? It is super simple. All you need are all these stuff from Benefit:

1. Lemon Aid
2. Boi-ing (in the shade that more suitable to your skin color)
3. High Beam
4. That Gal

Normally people purchase these products for its original use. If you mix a few of these stuff, it will magically turn into another useful product. Here are some of the chemical formula that I've came up with:

Stay Don't Stray = Boi-ing + Lemon Aid
BB Cream = Stay Don't Stray + That Gal
BB Cream = (Boi-ing + Lemon Aid) + That Gal
Girl Meets Pearl = That Gal + High Beam
BB Cream with Glow = Girl Meets Pearl + Stay Don't Stray
BB Cream with Glow = (That Gal + High Beam) + Stay Don't Stray
BB Cream with Glow = (That Gal + High Beam) + (Boi-ing + Lemon Aid)

I have tried and tested all that concoction for a few times, so far there was no irritation at all. They're perfectly safe to use. As for the proportion, it is up to your skin tone. If you have darker skin, add more pigments (Boi-ing) into your concoction.

This is the BB Cream test out.

And this is the BB Cream with Glow:

If you don't have Stay Don't Stray, you can create it from Boi-ing and Lemon Aid as per my formula above. It is Benefit's eye primer. Besides being an eye primer, it has strong pigments that can be used as concealer. 

Next time when you're playing with your makeup products, be creative. Who knows you might come up with something else like this and it can save you some money from buying new products which you can create yourself. 

I hope you find this useful. And if you have any of such tips, do share with me. I would love to learn from you too. 

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