Oct 6, 2012

MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection

I was so excited when MAC announced their Marilyn Monroe collection. But when it finally launched, I was quite disappointed. There are so many similar colors in one collection. It makes me think twice whether I should get two of the same shades?

This is quite a big collection. But I think I have most of the color. They're pretty much classic colors. It is Marilyn Monroe's color, what I expect? In the end, I settled for a nail polish, a lipstick and a lip pencil.

Nail polish

There are 5 colors of nail polish in this collection - (1) Flaming Rose (red), (2) Kid Orange (orange), (3) Rich, Rich, Rich (gold), (4) Stage Red (dramatic red), (5) Vintage Vamp (wine red). RM48 each.

I picked the Stage Red as it is a perfect red for a diva! I can't tell if the red is in blue tone or orange tone. So sorry, no swatch for the nail polish today because I can't bear to clean off my newly painted nails. Maybe next week I will have a separate post for the swatch.

Lip Pencil

There are three lip pencil in the Marilyn Monroe collection - (1) Beet (beetroot red), (2) Cherry (cherry red) and (3) Redd (orange red). RM62 each.

I choose the Cherry shade as it is very close to true red color which can be worn under any red shade lipsticks. On the swatch it might appears to be orange toned red, but it is in fact blue toned red. It has matte texture and last about 6 hours. It really helps hold the color of your lipstick a bit longer and keep them from bleeding. I'm totally in love with this lip pencil.


I am sure, everyone here can agree that Marilyn Monroe is the icon of red lipsticks. In this collection, MAC put together 5 shades of lipsticks that represent Marilyn Monroe - (1) Charmed, I'm Sure (medium toned red), (2) Deeply Adored (dark berry red), (3) Love Goddess (dark pink), (4) Pure Zen (nude), and (5) Scarlet Ibis (bright orange). RM75 each.

My favorite lipstick in this collection is the Charmed, I'm Sure. It is a medium toned red with blue undertone. I picked this because it is the closest to true red, it is so versatile to own this color as it won't be out of date and can be worn in any occasion with any clothes. The texture is matte. Unlike other matte lipstick, it doesn't dry up your lips. It is also very creamy and doesn't flake. The pigment is so intense, all you need is one swatch, it will covers up everything. It lasts for a few hours before you need a touch up.

If you want to get your hands on these limited collection, you better get them fast. I foresee that a lot of Marilyn Monroe's fans will be storming the store for this collection and she has a huge fan base! And also, these are colors that can be worn everyday. They're beautiful! I'm sure anyone who walk pass by MAC would pick up one or two items.

I really love this collection!!! I can see myself buying more stuff soon.

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Jessying said...

I like this kinda of red colour lipstick, looked totally beautiful on you!!