Oct 29, 2012

Monday Mani: Halloween Zombie Nail Tutorial

My Monday Mani post is kinda late today since it's going to be Tuesday soon in few hours (pacific time). Right now I am blogging from my dad's laptop and I have to depend on the mercy of his time table to be able to blog. Sometimes he went off few days for meeting, his laptop has to go with him, that explains why I am so slow in posting up.

Anyway, I'm breaking off from showing you guys OPI mini swatches. I actually have one more OPI mini stash to share with you guys. This week, I'm going to show you guys a simple tutorial on how to do a zombie nails. If you're dressing up as zombie this Halloween, try this very simple nail art to complete your look. It only takes 2 minutes to achieve the look.

Here are the stuff that I use for this nail:

You need a piece of cotton, a clear nail polish (any clear nail polish will do whether it is top coat or base coat), a blood red nail polish (here I use the MAC Stage Red from Marilyn Monroe's collection), and a dark color nail polish that resembles dirt color (I use OPI Black Onyx).

If you don't want to read the steps, you can watch my simple video at the end of this post. But if you prefer to read it (with more details), here you are:

Step 1
Take you clear nail polish and roughly paint it around your cuticles. It doesn't have to cover your whole nail. You just need some here and there.

Step 2
Take the cotton pad and place it on the clear nail polish you painted. The cotton fiber will stick to your nails. You need this step to add a more 3D effect on your nails, as if your flesh is popping out of your nails. And the cotton will soak your red nail polish later to add different tone to the nail polish as if you have a clogged or dried blood. If the cotton fiber came off on your nail cuticles, it doesn't matter, you can use your clear nail polish to touch up to put them back in place.

Step 3
Take any blood red nail polish and paint it on your nails clumsily. The more mess you make the better. It's even better if you know how to make it look like you just rip off a living creature and the blood naturally stain your nails. Other than roughly painting my nails, I really don't know how to achieve that look.

Step 4
Use the black (or dark color) nail polish to touch on your nails here and there. It suppose to be the dirt on zombie nails. Zombies have dirty nails right?

.... And you're done!!!!

And here's the video that my grandma helped me film....



Anonymous said...

Your nails are so ugly!

Jessying said...

this is just perfect for halloween!!!!

Jerine said...

@Jessying: Have to wait for next year only can wear it again.