Oct 4, 2012

October Giveaway Winners

So sorry... I'm a little late in announcing the winners for my MDB October Giveaway. I may have to ship the gifts a bit later too because I am not in Malaysia right now. Hopefully someone at home is willing to coorperate with me to help me ship out the gifts.

Anyway, for the MDB October Giveaway is a little bit different. I am going to handpick the winners. And there's hardly any participants because I didn't announce the stuff to be given away. That's my surprise for you.... and I know everyone loves a little surprises at times.

Here are the winners and the gifts........

Michelle Sung gets a Sleek Maximum Impact Eyeshadow in the color 971 Nude and a Sleek Mini High Shine Lip Gloss in the color Sweet Sixteen. Since Michelle mentioned about Sleek in the comment on my giveaway post, I am going to give her these Sleek products that I have. Hope you'll like it, Michelle.


Lady Alie will get a box of Paperself fancy eyelash designed by Ting Yu Wang. The pairs of eyelash comes in a design of Ponies (Small Horses). I always read Lady Alie's blog and I know she's the type who will try new stuff. She is very adventurous when it comes to beauty products. Alie, I hope you'll have fun with these Paperself eyelashes.

Winners, please provide me your mailing address so I can ship the stuff over to you. Email me at jerine.lay@gmail.com . If you fail to do so by 14 Oct 2012, I will keep the gifts and roll over the gifts for future giveaways.

The next giveaway will be in November (maybe end of October). Do visit this blog often ya!


Lady Alie said...

Woo hoo! Yay! I won something! Hmm... I wonder how I would look with horsey eyelashes. LOL.

Unknown said...

Wow! thanks :) i'm so excited to have these stuffs..sent my details.