Oct 5, 2012

Review: Face Atelier Facade

Introducing my new found love...............

I never knew this existed until the girls from Luxola told me about it. Now I’m totally hooked like an overtly attached girlfriend.

The Face Atelier Facade is a versatile makeup pigment that can be used as blusher, lip tint, eyeshadow base, and whatever you can think of. The texture is rich creamy, but once you even it out, it will dry as powder. I don’t know what the magic behind the texture is, but it is certainly very easy to apply.

The one I’ve got is in the shade called Godiva. The color is somewhat between ruby red and magenta brown. I really love that name because I used to love the classic literature of Godiva when I was young. I’m sure once you put it one, you’ll attract a lot of peeping Toms. Just kidding....

Back to the product............ I read from Face Atelier’s website, they are a relatively new company which already made its fame through a lot of celebrities. Superstars like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Keisha, etc. are using Face Atelier on their show because the product is long lasting through sweat and heat. That makes it really perfect to be worn in weather in Malaysia.

During hot weather, our skin produces oil and it doesn’t mix well with powder blusher, hence you’ll look very awkward once you sweat. Unlike powder blusher, Facade won’t cake up and it is oil-proof.

And I also got to know that Face Atelier is reducing all the unnecessary ingredients while developing their products. They only use essential ingredients that have a specific purpose to preserve the quality of their products. That way, you don’t have to worry about added chemicals on your product that might harm your skin.

What I love the most is the silky texture. It doesn’t dry up immediately and allows few minutes time for you to build up the color or to mix it with some other products. And it is so versatile, you can use it on almost anything. So far, I’m only using it as blusher and lip tint.

On my face, applied as blusher

On my lips, applied as lip tint


1.      You can control the color because they are buildable.
2.      Very easy to manage.
3.      When you’re applying it on your cheek, it looks like so natural. People won’t even notice that you’re actually wearing a blusher.
4.      The texture is so amazing. It starts off creamy and dries off as powder, makes it perfect texture for blending.
5.      Multi-function, a great travel companion.
6.      Long lasting.
7.      You only need to use very little product. A tube can probably last you a year.


1.      Not easily available. You can buy it from Face Atelier’s website or from Luxola.
2.      The price is more towards luxury brand’s pricing. But if you buy it now on Luxola, there’s a 50% discount. The original price is RM112.50, Luxola is selling it for RM72.50.
3.      Very limited choices of colours. I think there are only 5 shades to choose from.

My last thought:

I will buy this again, but in a different shade. I would much prefer the shade Livid, which is cherry red hue, I think that will suit my skin tone better. In fact, I think this is the only blusher I ever need! 

If you want to try out Face Atelier's products, you can get them from Luxola


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