Oct 3, 2012

Review: Liese Bubble Hair Color Dark Tone

My last hair dye was using the Beautylabo Whip HairColor. And I’ve mentioned that I would want to try the Liese Bubble Hair Color.

Recently Liese came up with the new dark tones. In Malaysia, there are only 4 dark tone shades to choose from – natural black, classic chocolat, black tea brown and elegant ash. I’m going to try the natural black color because I have a hearing coming up next week. To play safe, I have to prepare myself looking a bit conservative, just in case I get a conservative judge. I don’t want to get thrown out of the court like this, “Counsel, your hair is too loud. I cannot hear you.”

The instruction is pretty simple.

Because I bought this in Malaysia, the instruction comes in two languages... Chinese and English. If you buy the Prettia one (which is the one from Japan), you will get the instruction in Japanese. Liese and Prettia is the same thing, but because of some trademark issues, they are named differently in different countries.

Inside the box, this is what you will get.....

Instruction sheet

Color solution – the box indicated this as Solution 1

Solution base – the box indicated this as Solution 2

Pump – this is for you to pump the dye out of the bottle

Gloves and trial sheet – The trial sheet is for you to test out the product 48 hours prior to dyeing your hair in case of allergy. I skipped that test and I am sure most of you too. Life is too short for allergy test. Besides, the test requires you to leave the product on your skin for 48 hours. I think that is a bit ridiculous.

Step 1: Pour the color solution into the solution base.

Step 2: Close the cap of your solution bottle. Gently tilt the bottle back and forth to mix the solution evenly. Do not shake it or it will create foam in the bottle.

Step 3: Remove the lid of the bottle and screw the pump tightly onto the bottle

Step 4: Press on the bottle, and the foam will be released through the pump nozzle.

Step 5: Evenly apply onto your hair from the root to the end of your hair. It gets a bit stick in the beginning though...

Step 6: Rinse of the foam with water and shampoo your hair. Use the treatment provided as conditioner. Sorry, no photo for this step as it is impossible to take photo in the shower :S


1.      Affordable and easily available in any drug store.
2.      Color turns up evenly.
3.      The foam is easier to manage than the Beautylabo Whip Hair Color.
4.      Easy to rinse off the stain on skin.


1.      The smell is really bad but bearable.
2.      The allergy test is quite troublesome. But you can always skip this step.

So I heard that the color doesn’t last. I’m not too sure of this until I can tell you few weeks later. Some of my friends told me that it only last for about two weeks, and the color fades off. This I must give credit to the Beautylabo Whip Hair Color. The color stays for a month and it didn’t fade at all.

I am really pleased with the result. And I’m looking forward to try more colors from Liese. 


Unknown said...

LOL. Your hair is too loud!!! Thats a good one!

Unknown said...

I've been using Liese and it's by far the most long lasting DIY hair dye. :) But of course...you should be using a colour shampoo in the first place. ;)

Jerine said...

@Danielle Tan: You haven't heard of that courtroom legend?

@Shannon Chow: Actually doesn't matter lah if it fades. Can try new dye. LOL!

Unknown said...

@Jerine true enough. But I don't know why some people make a huge fuss of it. xD However I try to limit the amount of hair dyes in a year. Too much chemical on hair. :D

Unknown said...

Dyed my hair with the "Milk tea" one in April-ish and the colour is still there. My roots are showing (no surprise, More like half my natural hair colour) but it definitely lasted for a long time. 2 weeks sounds like an exaggerated claim imo.

The end result is gorgeous :P might go for black next time xD

Leonita Nerisa said...

How much is it?and where did you buy it? I have a friend in Malaysia, so I'm thinking to ask her to buy it for me :)

Jerine said...

Leonita Nerisa: It's about RM30+. You can get it from Watson or Guardian.