Oct 9, 2012

Review: Limi Red Wine Arousing SOS Mask

You know I've been evangelizing about Limi products a lot. I've fallen in love with Limi products more and more day after day. Not only it has cute packaging, the product itself works fantastically.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned before that Limi is from China.... If I did, I must make a correct here. Limi is NOT from China (although it is largely available in China market). It is, in fact, from France. The parent company is called UniVinson and Limi is just a subcompany that belongs to UniVinson Cosmetic.

I bought this Red Wine Arousing SOS Mask because of its cute packaging (just like every other time I shop for new stuff). Unlike other generic mask jar, this one comes in the shape of a wine glass. Let's have a toast, shall we?

The mask substance is elaborately extracted from French red wine essence, matching with red berry and cherry. I have more confident in using this mask because it is made out of real red wine. Red wine is known for its goodness in even out skin tone and provide hydration as well as fighting the signs of aging. As we know, grapes contain high antioxidant. But by applying grape extracts into your skin, it might not penetrate into your cells that well, so it has to be processed into wine. The level of antioxidant remains the same although it changes form into wine.

This mask has really strong wine smell. I think it almost smells like grape jelly with a little hint of alcohol in it. Have you ever tasted grape vodka jelly shot? It smells exactly like that!

The texture is very thick. When washing it off, you might want to use a sponge. You also might want to apply your toner right after that to make sure there is no residue of mask stuck in your pores.

Immediately upon application, my skin feels tingling, a bit itchy feeling. I think that is just the reaction of the mask ingredients. The tingling sensation wears off after five minutes.

The result after using this mask is satisfactory but it wasn't like miraculously transform your skin into flawless beauty. But there are slight noticeable improvement. My skin is hydrated and it felt moisturized completely. As for anti-aging effect, that I'm not too sure yet.

Here, I'm going to show you the labels just in case you know how to read Chinese...

I really love the result after rinsing off the mask. It leaves my skin silky smooth and thoroughly moisturized. If I'm going to China again, I will definitely stock up on this mask. And if you're going to China, make sure you try out the Limi products. They're really good.

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