Oct 30, 2012

Vanity Trove November 2012 Dream Girl Edition

Last month, I accepted some international advertorials which paid me via Paypal. With a little bit of funds in my paypal, I was able to subscribe to Vanity Trove, which is a beauty box service from Singapore.

Every month, Vanity Trove has different theme of products that they will put in their beauty box. This month, their theme is Dream Girl.

Here's what I have inside the box:

  1. Skin Inc Happy Hand Dew 50ml (full size)
  2. ZA Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel 5g (trial size)
  3. Adore sanitary napkins 2 pieces (trial pack)
  4. Laline Body Cream 60ml (travel size)
  5. Neogence Pore-Reducing Serum 7ml (trial size)
  6. Uriage Aqua Precis Moisturizing Refreshing Cream Gel 5ml (trial size)

... and extras:

  1. Laline promotion voucher
  2. Sasa SGD5 off for every purchase above SGD30

The packaging are just ok...

Verdict from this month's Vanity Trove:

  1. I'm extremely disappointed with it. 4 out of 6 items from the box looks like those samples you get from magazine.
  2. I don't really know most of the brands they put in it (except for ZA and Laline). I don't know if the brands are new or I didn't educate myself enough with the brands in the market.
  3. The entire box don't have any makeup product at all. They're all skincare, and repetitive of moisturizers. I signed up to try different products, but now I feel that I'm getting similar stuff in one box. It's kinda redundant.
  4. All the vouchers are only valid in Singapore, I have to minus the value of the voucher from the price I paid :(
  5. They missed out two items that suppose to be in the box - Ujene Puriste Collagen Eye Gel and BRTC BB Cream...

...and they substitute that two items with the Uriage Moisturizer. This is the biggest disappointment of all.

If you ask me whether I will subscribe again, yes I will. I already subscribed to the December edition before I receive this box. Let's just hope the December edition would be much better.


Unknown said...

Oh dear, I had just subscribed to the December box, hope it'll be better than this one ^o^

Jerine said...

Can just hope and pray

Unknown said...

same here...there'r nothing surprises me, a real disappointed to see most of them are sample pack...
Hope future boxes would be better

Unknown said...

I got the Ujene eye gel
but not
Skin Inc Happy Hand Dew 50ml (full size) &
Laline Body Cream 60ml (travel size)

Jerine said...

I'm so disappointed with this month VT again..

FS.Rain said...

Ya! I agree! I ordered the Nov Trove after it was unveiled... but some items were replaced by other items.. I was rather disappointed when I first opened the box..

Luckily it seems, upon using the items, I was still glad that I ordered the November box as the quality of the skin care items are good, the mascara which I've gotten is also quite interesting!

Josarine said...

This is as bad as bbf beauty box. They cost rm48 but gave me Shit products

Jerine said...

@josarine: I saw your post on the BFF box. I wanted to subscribe, but you totally changed my mind.