Oct 25, 2012

Wonderbox October 2012: Malaysia Beauty Box Debut

October 2012 is Wonderbox's first beauty box. There are very little beauty box subscription available in Malaysia, that's why it made me so excited when I heard about Wonderbox service. I think I was one of the very first to subscribe.

I waited... and waited.... and waited... *yawn*. Still nothing in my mail box. But they say good things come to those who wait. Is it true???

Yes, it is!!! Finally..... here's my very first Wonderbox!!! Want to take a peep inside???

The box is sooooooo pretty!!!!! It looks like a wedding gift box. So chic and sophisticated.

It is worth all the wait. Since it is their debut, it is quite satisfying to receive some branded beauty products. Here's the list of items that I got:

  1. Clinelle SnoWhite Mask 50ml (full size)
  2. Clinelle Blemish Clear 15ml (full size)
  3. Elianto Princezna Mascara 7g (full size)
  4. The Body Shop Strawberry Bath Shower Gel 60ml (travel size)
  5. Sothy's Homme Tri-Active Cleanser 15ml (travel size)

... And some extra vouchers:

  1. 20% off The Body Shop strawberry shower gel.
  2. RM169  worth of Sothy's 128Faubourg Salon facial treatment.

All the products worth more than RM200. And I only paid RM39.90 for it! . If this month's products are not appealing to you, maybe you can subscribe to the next month's box. After all, this is only the very first box. I believe they will continue improving to bring in more exciting brands.

The November Wonderbox is already opened for subscription. If you want to get the next surprise, you better hurry up because they have limited boxes each month. I already subscribed mine. If you're not sure what to do, here are the steps:

  1. Sign up for your own account <<HERE>>. You don't need to pay anything when signing up.
  2. Take the quiz provided (I think they call this the beauty profile). The Wonderbox team needs to know your beauty philosophy so that they can curate your beauty box according to your beauty personality.
  3. Once you're done, you can subscribe to the beauty box monthly, quarterly, half yearly, or annually. (I prefer to subscribe monthly, that way I can control which month to subscribe to).
  4. Your beauty box will be delivered to your door step once it is ready.

Do LIKE Wonderbox's Facebook page. The adnin is quite interractive and I really appreciate their effort in replying every question. They do share some beauty tips on their Facebook page once awhile. You can also get updates of the new brands they're bringing in from their Facebook page.

Conclusion for my first Wonderbox:
  1. I'm extremely happy with the Clinelle's skincare, Elianto mascara and Body Shop shower gel. And I can't wait to try them out.
  2. I'm a little disappointed with the Sothy's cleanser because it is a man's product. Sothy's has so many great skincare for females, they should have drop in something which is more appealing to the female crowd. I will have to give this to either the mister or my brother. I hope they will appreciate it.
  3. The Sothy's treatment coupon was quite satisfying. Sothy's skincare services are good, but they're also expensive. With this discount coupon, I can try out their service for the first time at lower price.
  4. I love Body Shop's bath products but I'm not exactly a fan of strawberry scented shower gel. Unfortunately, the Body Shop voucher is limited to only strawberry shower gel. It's quite sad isn't it? I don't think I will be using this voucher. If you want to have it, do let me know in the comment below.
  5. The packaging is so chic and classic. I hope it stays this way.
  6. Overall, it is quite worth it if you measure all the monetary values. I will continue to subscribe and hope they'll bring in more of my favorite brands.

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The box is so nice!