Nov 17, 2012

DIY Your Own Ombré Hair with L’Oréal Paris Préférence Wild Ombré Haircolour Kits

The word "ombré" actually means eyeshadow. But in our current beauty term, "ombré" simply means "gradiant color". Whatever it means, gradiant color is making a hit in current fashion trend, from ombré nails to ombré hair. I believe Katy Perry was the culprit who made ombré so popular these days.

I really love ombré hair. Well, look at all these inspiration from Pinterest....

Don't you just want ombré hair yourself?

Sadly, it will take a lot of time and cost a lot to achieve a perfect ombré hair. Also fortunately, L’Oréal Paris will be coming out with Préférence Wild Ombré Haircolour Kits. That makes life a lot easier.


1. Inexpensive. I'm not sure about the pricing because it is not available in Malaysia market yet.
2. Easy and fast application. You can do it at home or anywhere convenient.


1. There are only three shades available and all of them are in blond-brown shades. I wish they have more wild color like pink, purple and turquoise. Fingers cross they will have it soon.

If you want to see how to use the product, watch the video below:

The L’Oréal Paris Préférence Wild Ombré Haircolour Kits will be launched in February 2013. Make sure you watch out for it.

I really can't wait to try it. How about you? Will you get it too?


Beauty Chatter said...

I really love it but I made a pledge to myself this year that I will not bleach my hair until I have managed to get all my previous bleached hair cut off first... Arr I hate myself

cindy said...

I want to see ur outcome first!!hehe

Jerine said...

No worries... This product will only be available next year.

Jerine said...

I will definitely try it when its out. Will show you the result when I do.

Hanie Hidayah said...
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Hanie Hidayah said...

what the eff! And there I was in August 2011, with a bleach in one hand and my hair on the other trying to do a him d.i.y and it was a mess! This thing is God sent! Unfortunately I chopped off all my hair thanks to that bleach hahaha

Dila Ariff said...

YES! Just what I have been waiting for! :D :D :D

Jerine said...

@Dila Ariff: Me too!!!!