Nov 12, 2012

Monday Mani: OPI Real 18k Gold Top Coat The Man With The Golden Gun

In conjunction with James Bond's 50th Anniversary, OPI made an exclusive real 18k gold top coat and included it in their Skyfall Collection. This top coat has its own name called The Man With The Golden Gun.

This is my very first real gold nail polish and I'm loving it. I'm planning to put this on Chinese New Year.

The packaging is so gorgeous. It is protected in a solid black box with a window front. And the bottle is made of opaque reflective gold.

The formula is very smooth. But the gold flakes are a little sparse. I had to twirl the brush in the bottle to pick up the gold flakes. Drying time for the top coat is average. I've swatch it on top of OPI Black Onyx.

What do you think?

I'm not really sure if the local saloon here have it. I got it from my friend who specially ordered for me for USD39. If anyone interested, I can help you to ask around.


LauraLeia said...

It looks super awesome! But the price.... O___O I think many other nail polish collections are also coming out with 18k gold top coats this time around, so I probably won't go for this one. The bottle is GORGEOUS though. *drools*

Jerine said...

Seche has it too. But opi bottle is prettier. Lol

Isabel said...

Lovely outlook but doubt I will get it =/

Jean said...

so pretty!! was thinking to get one too but stop because of the price.. >.<