Nov 15, 2012

NARS Pre-order (Malaysia Only) - CLOSED!

Hi all,

I'm going for holiday in January... somewhere where they sell NARS. I'm going to get the Orgasm blush and matte foundation. Since I'm going to the NARS counter anyway, I thought I might as well ask if anyone of you would love to get anything from there?

If you want to get it yourself, the nearest NARS counter is in Singapore. Yay!!! NARS is finally opening its door to our neighbouring country. And hopefully they will come to Malaysia soon.

At the mean time, I can help you get the things you want from NARS.

Below are some questions you might have before you place your order. To make things easier for you and me, I put it in a Q&A form.

How do I browse for the item I want and check its price?
Please go to NARS official website <<here>> to check for the stuff you want. To avoid mistake, please give me the exact product name and its shades. When you know what you want to buy, please convert the price from USD to MYR using currency calculator <<here>>. If you're too lazy to do so, it's ok. I will do it for you.

How do I place an order?
You have to use the form <<here>> so I will get all your details.

Do you take extra charge?
Yes, so that I can send the items to you. I need to get bubble wraps and boxes to make sure your stuff arrives safely. The postage cost is RM20 for the first two items. For subsequent item(s), RM2 for each item.

Which postage service will you be using?
I will be using PosLaju, which I think is the most reliable postage service in Malaysia, so far...

When will you post the item and when will I receive my order?
I will send out the orders on 21st January. You should receive your order by 24th January latest.

When is the last date for me to place my order?
13th January the latest. You can revise your order before 13th January or before you make your payment to me.

How do I pay you?
The most convenient way is via Maybank and Paypal. If I don't receive your payment before 13th January, then I cannot buy for you the stuff :(

What if i have question(s) before I place my order?
You can always email me jerine[dot]lay[at]gmail[dot]com. Sometimes my important mails go to the spam. I don't know how to avoid this. So, if I don't reply you, please give me a nudge on Twitter (@queenjerine) or Facebook (milliondollarbeautyblog) or by commenting below this post.

If you've never tried NARS, I will not force you to buy anything. But if you need some guide, the best NARS products (in my opinion) are:

1. NARS blush in the shade Orgasm. I used to think that it is just part of NARS marketing gimmick to put one item under the spotlight. But after tried and tested myself, I totally agree that this is the only blusher that I need in my life. The coral shade suits every skin tone and every skin color. And its light shimmer provides a little highlight, not too much, but just enough.

2. Lipgloss in the shade Super Orgasm. This is also another coral color. But Super Orgasm has more shimmer compared to Orgasm. The lipgloss is hydrating. And the color is to die for, no joke!

3. All their nail polish. NARS is also famous of its nail polish. It is pigmented. You only need one swatch for full capacity. And it is easy to apply.

The eyeshadow primer itself is not bad. I see some beauty bloggers using it for their swatches and it appears really vibrant and they say quite long lasting too. I'm going to get the primer for myself for this trip.

The stuff that I think are a bit overrated are their skincare and eyeshadows. I've never heard that NARS skincare are actually good. However, I can't deny that they have good pigmented eyeshadows. I just think that the eyeshadows are a bit pricey.

Well, that's all for now... If you want me to buy anything for you, just let me know ya?



Unknown said...

i'm thinking of getting the eyeshadow primer and multiple orgasm.

Jerine said...

I might get the multiple orgasm too

Unknown said...

Does the lipgloss in shade Orgasm suit everyone? :)

Jerine said...

The Orgasm blush is the one that suit most skin tone. However, the Orgasm lipgloss is not exactly the same shade. I advise you to check out swatches from Google image to decide if you like it.

wiida said...

OMG! I really wanted to buy NARS product but I just found your blog! Next time if you are going somewhere else, do tag me. pls tell me. I would like to order with you. Not this month because I'm already broke. hahha

Raihan said...

Hi. Do you know a way for me to get my hands on NARS Andy Warhol Edie set? Pls let me know if u do. My email is Thanks