Nov 5, 2012

Review: Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Foam Hair Color

I'm going for holiday, so it's time to dye my hair again. On my previous two hair dye job, I use different brands of foam color. This time I'm trying another one, which is from Schwarzkopf Fresh Light.

The packaging is so special and cute. I think it is quite a genius idea for Schwarzkopf to partner with Hasbro to put Blythe as their hair color model. I love Blythe dolls since I was young and when I saw it on the Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Color, it was love at first sight.

This is what you will get in the box:

Like every other foam color, this one is very easy to use as well. But I will still show you guys the steps:

Step 1: Pour in Color 1 into Developer 2.

Step 2: Close the lid of Developer 2 with the pump.

Step 3: Mix the color and developer by tilting the bottle for about 5 minutes. Do not shake the bottle violently.

Step 4: Remove the box cut-out and place the bottle into it (you can skip this step, it is totally useless).

Step 5: Pump out the color solution and you're ready to dye your hair.

Step 6: Apply the foam onto your hair evenly. And leave it for about 30-40 minutes.

Step 7: Rinse off the foam color, shampoo your hair and apply the after color treatment. And you're done!!!

My previous hair color was black, therefore this time the color didn't turn out that well. I'm quite happy with how it turn out though. I should have show you all the color under sunlight. It looks more vibrant under the sun.

1. Unlike other foam color, it smells quite good.
2. It is easy to apply. There was no mess at all. Much easier to manage than other foam color.
3. Color turns up evenly.
4. Easy to rinse off. No stain when towel.
5. Affordable. It's only RM37.95. And available in Watson's stores.

1. When applying, it is a little thick and hard to manage in the beginning. But eventually it turns out ok when it gets a little more foamy.

Schwarzkopf Fresh Light foam color is available in four colors - Berry Ash, Caramel Brown (the one I'm using), Melty Cherry, and Lemon Blond (I'm going to try this next).

If you're not a fan of foam color, Schwarzkopf Fresh Light is also available in creme technique. The creme technique color is only RM34.95 at Watson's and has more variety of colors. I think there are six vibrant new color for you to choose from - Passion Blond, Melty Mocha, Clear Ash, Champagne Pink, Myst Beige and Sweet Apricot.

Recently, Schwarzkopf partnered with Watson's Malaysia to bring in the Fresh Light Hair Color into the Malaysia market. I was there at the media launch to experience the images of the collectible Blythe dolls virtually came alive. The Blythe dolls were enhanced into an actual full-grown individuals portraying unique personalities.

If you're interested in trying out Schwarzkopf Fresh Light color, make sure you drop by Watson's. It is quite easy to spot it on the shelf since it has the prettiest packaging.


Unknown said...

Foam hair dye seems 2 be in these days

Jerine said...

Its a new technology from Japan. That's why its so popular these days

Unknown said...

so cute the packaging! and with such an easy appliance i think its gonna sell well.

Jerine said...

Yeah. I got attracted by the packaging first

wenpei said...

nice review

Jerine said...

@piggy697: Thank you.

Unknown said...

Is the hair dye permanent? How long does it lasts?