Nov 15, 2012

Tom Ford & NARS Opening in Singapore Tangs Orchard

My friend Shikin told me that Tom Ford Beauty and NARS already opened their doors to Singaporean market last night. The beauty counters are now available at Tangs in Orchard Road. This is Tom Ford's very first beauty outlet in Asia, meanwhile NARS don't need any more introduction here.

Although this has nothing to do with us Malaysian, but it is still a good needs for beauty junkies like me (and you!). Geographically wise, Singapore isn't that far, and it is very convenient for us to go there if we ever need something from Tom Ford and NARS.

I actually did a little research on Tom Ford's cosmetics because I'm afraid it might turn out to be one of those makeup brands that only look good on packaging, but totally not useful such as *cough* toki doki *cough*. I found out that Tom Ford Beauty is actually from the same company as Estee Lauder. Now, it makes me even more excited to try it out.

I'm so eager to try all of these from Tom Ford:

1. Thee quard eyeshadows - I think this is so convenient for travel.
2. The perfume - I'm an avid collector of perfume and I really want TF to be one of my collection
3. The bronzer - I read that TF bronzer are to die for
4. The lipstick - Particular the shade Spanish Pink
5. The nail polish - The color nude looks so good!

Meanwhile, if you're planning to get something from NARS, do check out these products which I think is worth it to try:

1. The duo eyeshadows - Somehow everyone has it!
2. Orgasm blush - I'm going to advocate everyone to use this from now on! It's really that good!
3. Lipgloss - I love it! I think you will too.
4. The nail polish - Very pigmented and the colors are so refreshing.
5. The lipstick - My mom has it, and she loves it
6. The illuminator - I will need this for highlighting.

Do you have any favorite product from Tom Ford and NARS? Are you planning on to visit the beauty counters soon? Let me know ya?!

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