Nov 12, 2012

Tuesday Tips: How to Prevent Your Boobs from Sagging

Part of my holiday itinerary was... pillow talk. And one of the topic is sagging boobs.

They say, gravity is women's biggest enemy. True that! If you have cup size of B and above and age 30 and above, chances are... your boobs are sagging. What can we do to prevent our boobs from sagging?

#1 - Wear proper bra
This is easier said than done. A lot of us don't even know what bra is proper for us. Make sure you pick the correct cup size. The strap has to be fitted on your shoulder. If they keep dropping off your shoulder, make sure you adjust the strap back. The support (mostly the wire underneath your bra cup) on your bra has to be right underneath your boobs. Give your body a few bounce, if your boobs are hanging loose, the bra is not for you. If you have to do sports, wear a sports bra. It will prevent your boobs from bouncing. Bouncing will cause your boobs to sag faster.

#2 - Maintain your weight
When you gain weight, your tissue stretches. When you lose weight, they contract. If you go through this weight gain and lost constantly, your tissues will lose its elasticity and causing your boobs to sag. The best is to keep your body thin, and as you grow older, gain some weight to stretch the sagging tissues.

#3 - Drink plenty of water & consume more fruits
Water and fruits help tissue renewal hence slows down the process of sagging.

#4 - Massage
Firmly apply pressure from underneath your armpit and massage your boobs in C-motion. When you reach the bottom of your boobs, push them up. This exercise will give your boobs some lifting.

#5 - Move to the moon
Moon has less gravity. Totally slows down sagging process. And maybe your boobs will never sag. Nah... Just joking.

I heard that there are some boobie cream in the market that will keep your boobs in perky shape but I've yet to try any. If you tried any, please let me know. I'm really keen to try.

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