Nov 6, 2012

Tuesday Tips: How to take care of your VJJ

OK... this is not something we girls want to talk about openly. But it is still very important for us...

How to take care of your VJJ.

Many of us thought that by regular washing and cleaning is good enough. Maybe it is. But why settle for "good enough" when you can do much better? The tips I'm about to share with you might sound like a lot of work. It is not, actually. You only need to practice it as a routine and when it becomes a habit, you don't feel like you need to put in a lot of effort. After all, it is the most delicate area on your entire body, you ought to spend some time taking care of it.

#1 - Use feminine wash
The soap or shower gel you use may contain chemicals or ingredients that is harmful for your VJJ. Use a feminine wash because it has balance pH level and of course, it is designed to do the work. A lot of my girlfriends told me that their VJJ starts to itch and irritation appears after they use feminine wash, that happened to me too. It is just a matter of finding a suitable one. Keep trying until you find a perfect one. Currently I'm loving the Lactacyd Whitening Feminine Wash. I didn't have much hope on the whitening part, but it does work! Who doesn't want a whiter VJJ?

#2 - Avoid tight clothing
Here I mean, avoid tight underwear or tight jeans that may cause your VJJ to suffocate. LOL! Just kidding. It is proven that tight clothing cause redness, irritation and bad smell around that area. You will tend to sweat more when you wear tight clothing. When your sweat gets trapped in that tight area, it tends to create bad smell. I'm sure you don't want your VJJ to smell. So wear loose clothing and let it breathe!

#3 - Use panty liner
Use panty liner and change frequently. I think 4 hours is the maximum you can wear your panty liner, then it needs to be changed. Our VJJ has discharge, whether a lot or a little that depends on your body health, but face the fact.... every girl has discharge! The good news is, the discharge actually works as auto-cleaning system in your VJJ. It will discard bad bacterias from your body through your VJJ. But the bad news is, the discharge contains bacterias and you need to get rid of it before it reacts. Therefore, don't be too lazy with the panty liner.

#4 - Change your pad frequently
Same reason as using the panty liner. But pad is worse... Our monthly discharge contains a lot of toxin, bacterias, and all the bad stuff. You better change your pad like every 2 hours (if you have heavy flow) or 4 hours (if you have normal flow). Don't be too stingy with the pad. After all, your health is more important.

#5 - Dry your VJJ
After shower, make sure your VJJ is completely dry before you put on your underwear. The moisture that got trapped inside your underwear will encourage bacteria growth. And it will also cause pigmentation on your skin, making your VJJ area looks dark.

#6 - Trim/shave/wax
I don't understand how some girls can live with the bush underneath. But I personally cannot live with it. Keeping a bush is a choice, I know... but it is also too 80s. Let's put that aside. Having your VJJ trimmed, shaved or waxed actually has its advantage. Or else why do people do it? Hair as we know it, can trap a lot of unwated microorganism (I don't mean to scare you, but it does!) and collect dust. If you've never trim, shave or wax, just try once you will feel refreshed and light as air. After all, it isn't sexy to have some of the hair sticking out when you're wearing your bikini. If you don't have the time to wax, I recommend you to use the Schick Xtreme 3 razor. It works very well on the tricky curves around that area and leaves your skin smooth and soft.

#7 - Wash it after every time
Remember to wash your VJJ every time after your intimate time. I don't think I need to explain this into the details.

#8 - Don't wear tampon
They say new creation is always better. But that's not the case with tampon. During our monthly problem, bad stuff is getting washed off from our body, we need to let it flow. If you use a tampon, you're just stuffing all the bad things back into your body. Unless it is emergency or necessary to wear a tampon, then use it. If you can avoid it, by all means avoid using it.

#9 - Look into the mirror once awhile
Use your powder mirror and take a look once awhile. That way you will notice any irregularities (such as spots, redness, pigmentation, etc.) and hopefully get treatment as quickly as possible. If you don't practice self-checking, it might be too late to treat when you discover it.

That's all I can think of. If you have more tips to share, do let me know in the comment below. After all, I still have a lot to learn about it.


Unknown said...

Great tips! Not many had shared about this, besides magz :) I "LOL-ed" at your sentence on "....some girls can live with the bush underneath"

Cutebun said...

Not bad. Learn a lot today!

Jerine said...

Haha...some so long can tie pony tail

Jerine said...

Glad u learn something

Amelia Liw said...

I guess it's a matter of personal preference but...

Though I'm really glad that you're talking about it openly