Dec 7, 2012

Battle of the Foam Hair Color: Schwarzkopf vs. Liese vs. Beautylabo

I think I've probably tried all of the foam hair color in the market - Schwarzkopf, Liese and Beautylabo (unless there are new brands that I don't know of). Instead of having to read each review seperately, I'm going to put everything in this post so that it's easier for you to read through.

Please remember that everyone's hair condition is different. The table below doesn't reflect the real fact, but only represent my own opinion after experience with those brands.


Liese Beautylabo
Pakaging Of course Schwarzkopf
has the prettiest packaging
with the Blythe model
on the box cover.
 Fairly OK. Has a new idea. It is packed in
a bottle tumbler form.
Application The easiest to use. It comes
with a pump. Very neat
and doesn't need a lot of
Need to press the bottle
to release the foam. When
it gets to the end, it is
harder to press the foam
out of the bottle.
The messiest because you
have to scoop the foam out
of the bottle. And you
have to shake the bottle
pretty hard to create the
foam. Can be quite tiring.
Colour selection Very limited colours
available. I think there
are only 4 colours to
choose from.
Has the widest range of
colour. You will find
yourself indecisive on
the colours. Some
colours look similar to
Has enough basic colours
for everyone.
Colour result Very well. But you may
want to leave the dyeing
process a bit longer than
the suggested time if you
want a more vibrant
The colour doesn't last
too long. Mine started to
fade in the 3rd week. I
hear similar complain
from my other friends
Has the most vibrant colour
and the colour last really
After colour
Feels like normal colour-
treated hair. I think that's
OK. You might need to
use conditioner each time
you wash your hair.
Hair condition doesn't
deteriorate. Hair feels
soft and easy to manage.
Hair turns rough and coarse.
The end of the hair tends to
get tangled easily. Have to
apply hair serum frequently
after colouring.

Each brand has its own pros and cons. It depends what you're expecting from the hair dye. If you want a vibrant and long lasting colour, Beautylabo is the best choice. Just remember to apply treatment at the end of the hair, and it's all OK. But if you want a softer and well-managed hair, then go for the Liese colour. You might need to recolour it after 3 weeks. And if you're not too adventurous to try those, go for the Schwarzkopf brand. It is a much safer choice.

The price of the three brands are pretty much the same. They're all between RM30-RM40. And they're all available in most major pharmacies.

Are you going to dye your hair with foam colour soon? Which is the one you most likely going to try?


Anonymous said...

I find myself pretty well with the oil colour but I'll refer to this guide if I ever want to try a foam one:)

LauraLeia said...

Thanks for the detailed comparison! So far I've only tried Liese, and that also i took to the salon for them to dye for me. ^^;; I think I'd try the Beautylabo or Schwarzkopf one next, although I'm worried about my hair getting even dryer. =/

Jerine said...

@theblondpond: I never tried the oil one before. Googling now to educate myself.

Jerine said...

As long as you put conditioner when washing hair and put hair serum once awhile its ok. I personally like the beautylabo one.

Unknown said...

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Alice said...

It really depends on where you live, I think, the issue about selection of colors. Freshlight actually has pretty wide range of color selection, probably even wider than Liese but who knows, I never really count. But yeah, Freshlight's colors really vary. Just sayin :D

I never tried beautylabo or liese before but I can pretty much imagine having to scoop the foam out of a tumbler-like "mug" to be pretty messy and frustrating.
Of course, these three aren't the only hair dye brands Japan has.. I've heard a lot saying dariya palty wins from the three but I wouldn't know... palty's not available in where I live

Anonymous said...

I tend to disagree w the after effect of liese n beaty labo. Liese for me is dry n coarse while beaty labo is super soft n manageable after dye.

piccha said...

Thankyou i will try schwarzkopft

Unknown said...

Just wanna share my experience using Liese here :) My hair is black and I tried Liese's Marshmallow Brown back in 2013, until today the tips of hair is still of brownish hue. Yep agreed! its definitely easy to manage and soft after colouring. And if i were to colour my hair again, I would definitely go for the Liese range due to proven effectiveness on my hair. :)