Dec 29, 2012

Battle of Malaysia's Beauty Boxes Pt.1 - Modbox vs. Wonderbox vs. Cosmobox

In these few months so many beauty boxes appearing in our beauty market. They pop up like mushrooms! Are you confused as to which beauty box to subscribe to? Me too! I just don't know which one I love the most.

I've prepared a summary comparison of three beauty boxes - Modbox, Wonderbox and Cosmobox by Box Culture. This is the first part. I will continue to add other beauty boxes later (there are still popping out!).

ModBox WonderBox CosmoBox by Box Culture
Price RM19 for one month &
3 months subscription.
RM16.50 for 6 months &
12 months subscription
RM39.90 per month RM33 per month
Shipping charges RM9 (WM)
RM11 (EM)
RM5 (EM)
No. of products in
each month's box
5 deluxe beauty samples Up to 5 samples of
premium products
Not mentioned
Brands engagement Mixture of drugstore,
mid-range & high end

Mixture of drugstore,  mid-range & high end

Mixture of drugstore, mid-range & high end. Even
include indie brands.
Variation of products in each 
month's box
A balance mixture of skincare, bath & body and cosmetic A balance mixture of skincare, bath & body and cosmetic A balance mixture of skincare, bath & body and cosmetic
Sample size  Mostly deluxe size. Also
includes full size products
Mostly deluxe size. Almost every month
includes at least one full size products. 
Mostly deluxe size. Sadly, they also give out sample sachets as one of the main
product samples
Delivery service GD Express. Sends out
first week of the month
GD Express. Sends out 2nd or 3rd week of the month GD Express. Sends out first week of the month.
Website feature User friendly and easy
to navigate

User friendly and easy
to navigate

User friendly and easy
to navigate
Customer service Quick response and very helpful team. Can contact via Facebook wall or emailQuick response and very helpful team. Can contact via Facebook wall or email Facebook wall post is disabled. Can only contact via email. Not too sure if they're
efficient enough to answer
Lean towards pop look.
Has a very sturdy and solid
purple box.

Has a classic and classy look. Signature white box
with black bow.
Has the most elegant and expensive-looking box. Embossed white box with sleeve.
Vouchers usability Great shopping vouchers.
Can save a lot on shopping vouchers and beauty services Even includes free facial service from high end brand.
Best overall feature The cheapest beauty box (to date) even after you include the shipping charges. The generous point system enables you to redeem free boxes. If you subscribe a 3 month
service, you will be able
to enjoy 1 month free
The packaging, perhaps?
Disappointment Nil Nil Include sachet samples as one
of the main sample product.

Here are the aesthetic look of the packaging for each beauty box brand: 

I personally recommend Modbox and Wonderbox. Modbox has the cheapest service and the products that they bring are satisfying (in terms of the brands and product size). Meanwhile, Wonderbox has better return value because they often include full size products which are not cheap.

I have a mixed feeling on Cosmobox. The first month was quite satisfying. Come second month, it was a little disappointed. I need some time to fall in love with it.

Is this comparison useful to you? If it is not, please let me know what other info that I need to include. Perhaps, I can add it in when I publish the second part.

Are you subscribing to any beauty box?Which beauty box do you like the most?


Rebecca Saw said...

I'm not subscribing to any cos there's too manyyyy!
But yeah, i'll not feel too good either if I see samples in a beauty box. So cheap kan? I mean appears that way lorr..

Camy said...

thanks for the summary! i will reconsider to subscript wonderbox again :P

Joyce Rachel Lee-Bates said...

Love this summary!

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Great post, thanks Jerine for the comparison. Looking forward to read the pt 2 ;)

мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

What a good post Jerine,in your post,i do think that Modbox and WonderBox is the best,i didn't subscribe to the Modbox but i did subscribe to the December WonderBox and it is awesome i love it :D CosmoBox's packaging is the most gorgeous of them all but seriously??Sample sachets??That sounds so cheap :(

Unknown said...

Currently Sub to 5 beauty box..Wonderbox is pretty amazing even modbox aswell

Jerine said...

Thanks everyone! Glad to hear that this post helps...

snowmint said...

Thanks for doing the comparison. Looking forward to your part 2 and hopefully you can include Mivva, BBF, thelilacbox and Vanity Trove.

I subscribed to Cosmobox Dec ed. & was greatly disappointed with what I received.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the useful comparison! I am now very motivated to subscribe to Modbox :)) As for Cosmobox, I subscribed to the beauty box this month and bought 2 boxes, they gave me the same items for both boxes even though there were 6 combo available. I asked for an exchange, they ignored me and shut me down. Then 1 box came and another went missing. They refused to answer to my messages until I told them that they can keep the box as I wasn't interested anymore. It was an awful shopping experience and the products + delivery issues gave me a lot of stress before Xmas and during Xmas as well :((

Jerine said...

@snowmint: I will definitely be doing comparison for those. Might take a little while though..

@Anonymous: Thanks for letting me. I guess CosmoBox does need to improve on their customer service badly.

Anonymous said...

I just want to share my experience about cosmobox. It's my first ever beauty box purchased in Malaysia and really dissapointed :(

as mentioned in their FB, it's like a big hoo haa about december box. But what i've received is an utter dissapointment.

Furthermore, they even dare to post a pic with all the products combination which i don't think all the girls received everything. this is really misleading and draws down their integrity! it is such a bad feeling and i wish no one will continue to subscribe cosmobox anymore.

Jerine said...

@Anonymous: Yeah, I agree that CosmoBox do exaggerate their box content a little bit.

Xiao wei said...

I have subscribe to modbox and i am quite satisfied with the products, look forward to their boxes.

Besides, i had also subscribed December box culture, it abit disappointing me as the products they include are not that worthy compare to other beauty boxes. Most samples are in sachets =(

Xiao wei said...
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Waileng Tan said...

Now that the Lilac Box is out, can you add it into this comparison so to see where it stands?

Jerine said...

@Xiao wei: I have stopped subscribing Box Culture completely.

@Waileng: I was working on it and the puff... Bag of Love came up. Will definitely put up the Part 2 soon (provided no more beauty boxes popping up anytime soon).

Anonymous said...

after reading your post,i subscribed to wonderbox for 3 months...i will get my package for sep soon hopefully....we'll see. if i am satisfied i will order from modbox...from cosmobox's failed attempt and revamping,i don't think i will try them at all. there is also lilac box out now, can find them on FB