Dec 27, 2012


Around this time of the year, I will sum up all the beauty products that I already tried throughout the year and produce two special blog posts - the best and the worst. Well, this blog is less than one year old, the previous post that I've done was on my old blog. You can check out my last year's best product <<here>>.

This year, I have another 10 products that I love to share with you all. I've discovered a new brand this year, called Limi and I'm loving it very much. Unfortunately, it's only available in China so I will skip it. I will only feature products that easily available in Malaysia market and more suitable for local crowd. I didn't get to do full review for some of the products, so I will write a very short notes below. 

1. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 Oil Free
This is one of my daily beauty needs. I've switched from using foundation to this tinted moisturizer. Although it won't conceal imperfection as good as concealer, it is enough to balance my uneven skin tone. I've tried a few tinted moisturizer from other brands, my skin tolerate the Laura Mercier one better. Other brands cause my skin to break out and dries up after a few hours. It didn't happen with the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. My face looks like it is naturally flawless with it. 

2. Benefit "that gal" and Porefessional
These are two separate products. But I always wear both of them at once. "that gal" primes the face and getting it ready for foundation. It works as a shield to protect your face from the thick texture of foundation. Your foundation will glide smoothly when you apply it. Meanwhile, the Porefessional is a silicone base balm that helps cover up pores and wrinkles temporary. These two products come hand-in-hand when you need to apply foundation. I personally think these two work better than M.A.C. Prep + Prime. 

3. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum
This is not a new found product, I use to love it years ago. Now I'm back for all the goodness it has to offer... repair my skin damage and prevent further damage. Visible improvement on my skin includes better hydration, acne scar heals faster and better texture. And it delivers fast result. You can see improvement in less than 2 weeks. <<Full review>>

4. Hada Labo TamagoHada AHA + BHA Face Wash
I've been talking about this for a long time and recommending to everyone I know. This facial wash works as  a very mild scrub. Actually you won't feel the exfoliating agent at all. It help cleanse dead skin cells away. Dirt and oil no longer clog in my pores. I really love the squeaky clean effect on my skin after I wash my face.

5. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
There are mixed reviews on this. I went on to try it because my bff said it's working really well on her skin. There's definitely improvement on my skin, but the result is quite slow. I find that my skin is more firm now and it feels hydrated all the time. I'm still waiting to see improvement because I only had this for a week.

6. Korres Lip Butter
Most lip butter are colourless. But the Korres lip butter comes in different shades. And because of that, I've been putting my lipsticks away. The Korres lip butter provides all the nourishment that a lip butter gives and at the same time make my lips look rosy red. I no longer experience dry and chapped lips. <<Full review>>

7. L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum
I did not expect this product to work. When I lost my eyelashes due to eyelash extension, people told me it is going to take a year for my lashes to fully grow back to its normal length. I was quite surprised that this serum helps me gain back my eyelashes in just 2 weeks. I call it the magic hair potion. <<Full review>>

8. Anna Sui Luxury Face Powder
This is a loose powder. It has real pearl particles in the powder. For some reason, it helps highlight the important features on the face, so you don't need to apply highlighter when you apply this loose powder. The pearl particles will reflect light on your high features in a low key manner. It reminds me of the Guerlain Meteorites, but without the shimmer.

9. Aupres Aqua Active Sleeping Mask
This is not a mask. It is a night cream/gel. Of all the products that I've tried in my life, this one gives the best hydration. It doesn't help on other skin concerns, but the moisturizing part, it is the best. I had a one month sample and after I'm done with the sampling, I went on to purchase a full size. It is really super good if you have extremely dry skin or if you want to maintain your hydration level on your skin.

10. Benefit they're real! Mascara
This mascara makes my eyelashes look fake (in a good way). It separates my lashes without clumps, and enhance the volume by ten times. It also lengthens my mid-length lashes to an exaggerated height. I got the sample from this month's CosmoBox and I'm seeing myself buying the full size after this. It is the best mascara I've tried so far.

Now that you've seen the best, stay tune for the worst products I've tried this year. I'm sure you don't want to throw your money onto dysfunctional products that I've tried and tested.

Do you have any favourite beauty products that you've tried this year? Share it with me. I will love to try it out too. 


Mizu said...

wow..I heard lots of raves for all the beauty products you listed above..definitely the best but it's too expensive for me..wish could try them anytime sooner :D

Jerine said...

@Mia Lia: Yeah, they're a bit expensive. But totally worth it. Better than spending on cheap products that will harm your skin.

Teng Xwei said...

Chanel's Le Blanc base and also Dior's diorshow mascara. Le Blanc base really last long

Jerine said...

@íм χшËî : I'm using Dior's diorshow mascara. They're amazing! But the price is a bit too expensive for a tube of mascara.

Teng Xwei said...

@Jerine: Ya but a tube of mascara can use long time and when apply the mascara, my eyelash won't stick together. I want to try the benefit's mascara but when I went to the counter I saw the sale girl's eyelash stick all together and she told me that her face was use all the benefit product.

мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

Hi Jerine,just wanna ask,do Sephora sells that Korres Lip Butter,been wanting to try it out for quite sometime now :D And how much did you buy that Anna Sui Luxury Face Powder?? Thanks ;)

Jerine said...

@мs. вавз чuмıкo: I think Malaysia Sephora already stop bringing in Korres. You can buy them from or the nearest place to get it is in Singapore. I can't remember the Anna Sui Luxury Powder. If I'm not mistaken it is between RM170 to RM190. Definitely not over RM200.