Dec 14, 2012

CosmoBox by Box Culture November 2012 Debut

I know... this is another beauty box post. I've been blogging a lot about beauty box because it is so addictive and it is definitely more interesting than product reviews. I just hope that you guys are not bored with my beauty box posts because I enjoy writing about it. But I swear, I will slow down on it soon....

I've subscribed to almost ALL of the beauty boxes in Malaysia (except Fabulous Finds, which got discontinued), I think I should be crowned as Queen of Beauty Boxes in Malaysia. Since the title is not really that flattering, I think I should just remain as humble as the Box Culture launch last month. Unlike me, Box Culture has better reason to brag. Their packaging is the prettiest....



Not many people know about Box Culture existence because they're so quiet compared to other beauty boxes service. The beauty box is actually called CosmoBox. I don't know why they need a different name for their beauty box. This is unlike other beauty boxes which bears the same name as their service name. I'm really curious about this.

This is the November box, which is also their debut. I'm aware that November is sooooooo last month.... I made a mistake by giving them my Penang house address. I travel a lot, sometimes it gets really confusing which address to use. My dad just had it sent to me last night.

Let's get to the point.... What's inside the box???

Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash

A gentle and clever face cleanser that carefully does both jobs by discouraging excess oil production and protecting dry prone zones.

Elie Saab Le Parfum EDT

An ethereal fragrance of evanescent orange blossom mingled with a soft, subtle rose honey. An offering of the freshness of the mandarin tree blossom, the round sensuality of the gardenia and the sparkling vibrancy of vetiver.

System Professional Smoothen Shampoo &  System Professional Smoothen Mask

A soothing hair cleanser with Active Cashmere Complex controls and cares for unruly and coarse hair giving it delightful suppleness whiile providing anti-frizz protectiion.

An intensive treatment for coarse hair that detangles, calms and controls the hair structure giving it luxurious suppleness.

Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara

A revolutionary mascara designed to give you glamorous, expressive, big volume lashes from every angle. The unique reflecting formula also help lashes look magnified and multiplied.

The Nail Shop 6-Way File and Buffer

The Nail Shop 6-Way File and Buffer is the perfect way to create beautifully shaped and highly polished nails.


Free facial at Origins, Elie Saab purchase voucher & SP personalised hair care guide.

What I think about the CosmoBox debut:
1. I love the variety of products they feature. The brands are pretty interesting too.
2. The product that I'm excited the most is the full-sized Revlon mascara. It's always nice to receive mascara in beauty boxes because my mascara runs out really fast (or maybe they dry up in the tube really fast).
3. The Elie Saab perfume was superb!!! I'm a closet perfume collector, so I always get excited to try perfume samples, moreover Elie Saab is one of the perfume that I've been wanting to own for a long time.
4. The hair products from SP and the nail buffer from The Nail Shop are the least interesting to me. I really don't mind trying the SP hair stuff and the nail buffer came just in time for me to replace my existing ones.
5. Box Culture doesn't have referral system or point system. It's quite sad for beauty bloggers though 'cos we really can use some of that benefits.
6. It's not too bad considering it's their debut. I do hope that they'll bring in more exciting brands and also throw in more perfume samples.

Relevant Infos:
} Box Culture website is <<here>>
} The CosmoBox cost RM33 per month.
} Shipping to East Malaysia will incur RM5 additional charge.
} Box Culture ships out their CosmoBox every third week of the month.

Will I continue to subscribe it?
Yeah! The service is pretty good even though they're quite quiet.


FurFer said...

Wow. That's pretty good. And The SP Series hair shampoo and hair mask are awesome. Tried them (Fabulous Finds) and I must say I love it so much

Joyce Rachel Lee-Bates said...
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Joyce Rachel Lee-Bates said...

I subscribed to the December box because I was curious! :D

Camy said...

that's awesome! so many beauty box. can u do a conclusion on which is worth or which u love most? :D

Jerine said...

@Jennifer: I have not tried it. Since you said it's good, now I have the urge to try it.

@Joyce: Welcome to the addiction.

@Camy: As a matter of fact, I am drafting one right now. Thanks for suggesting.