Dec 5, 2012

The Understated Hair Product, Lucido-L Hair Treatment Essence Review

I have plenty of product reviews in line to publish on this blog. Unfortunately, my laptop died again and most of my photos are in the laptop. I have to depend on my dad's laptop again, and thankfully he has gone to Burma to meet Aung San Suu Kyi and didn't bring it along with him.
Today I have an awesome product to let you guys know. I've tried the Lucido-L Hair Treatment Essence for a month now and I'm loving it. I don't normally use hair products (besides shampoo and conditioner), but my hair condition is so bad! I color my hair once a month and it''s beginning to show its bad side. I couldn't take it anymore, so I spent a good one hour in Watson checking out products and reading every single detail of its description.
I finally decided on trying the Lucido-L Hair Treatment Essence.

What makes me purchase this?
My hair is color-treated. And most of the time, it feels very dry, especially after blow-dry with hair dryer. I can't get over the tangly feeling at the end of my hair, so I needed something which treats my hair moisture problem.

Product feature:
Contain two types of hyaluronic acid-penetrating and coating type. Low polymer hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into hair and traps moisture. High polymer hyaluronic acid coats surface of hair to form a smooth texture and seal in moisture. Repairs damaged hair and conditions it into moist and smooth.

If you read Japanese, this information on the product might help you understand more about its benefits.


It comes in a form of serum. It's quite runny and feels a bit sticky, but dries off with a smooth texture.

Leave-in. After washing, towel-dry your hair and apply two pumps of the essence onto your hair. Concentrate on the areas where treatment needed. I apply them generously at the edge. Blow dry your hair and let it dry naturally. You can also apply it on dry hair and let it dry naturally.

My dry hair without the Lucido-L Hair Treatment Essence
After application
1. The texture is amazing. Although it feels sticky when it's still wet, but it turns out to be really smooth and matte when completely dry.
2. My hair feels a lot softer and easier to manage when I apply the hair treatment essence.
3. The smell is refreshing, no chemical smell at all.
4. Doesn't stain your pillow. So it's good to apply at night too.
5. Lightweight. When it dries completely, you don't feel that it's even there! The essence gets absorbed into your hair immediately.
6. Affordable and easily available. I bought it in Watson for about RM24.90. I think it is available in most drugstore.

1. The product description is in Japanese. I need to google the info.
2. Comes in 1 size (100ml). If you intend to bring this during your travel, you need to check-in it into your luggage.

My two cents:
I don't know why Lucido-L didn't advertise this product. It is really amazing and I think it should be given a star-product status. I love the feeling that it's not there, but at the same time I feel that my hair is treated. It obviously soften my hair and my hair feels thoroughly moisturized. There's no tangle on my hair now!!! It works best when you blow-dry your hair.

Who should get this?
People who have extremely dry hair. People with color-treated hair. People who wants more than conditioner to moisturize their hair.

Will I repurchase this?
I'm currently using the second bottle. Yeah... I already repurchased it. And will do again...


FurFer said...

O.O This helps me a lot.
I do have super dried hair and till now, I can't seems to find a good hair treatment products. Thanks!

Nurul said...

thank you for the info..i have very dry hair and it's getting more and more frizzy..i don't use conditioner because i usually get dandruff if i use hair conditioner or hair cream..i will surely try this out

Anonymous said...

Bought this product in hong Kong as humidity made my hair frizzy ' I have bought 2 more bottles as I couldn't live without it ' makes my hair look + feel fabulous ' thank you so much'

Anonymous said...

Please help . I use this product & have done for 2 years but I can't find where to buy it anymore . I'm from the u k so please please help .