Dec 20, 2012

Vanity Trove January 2013, Another Disappoinment

I know the last month I said I will not subscribe Vanity Trove (hereinafter VT) again. It's not that I want to subscribe this month, but there's a recurring payment setting on Paypal that I didn't aware of. I was quite surprise to receive an email from VT that I'm subscribing the January 2013 version. I think this is Paypal default setting. If you pay for your beauty boxes subscription via Paypal, remember to cancel the recurring payment option after each billing.

Oh well.... here's the Vanity Trove box for January 2013....

This month's content in the VT box does not appeal to me.... again! Here are the previous VT boxes that I've subscribed to >>> December 2012 & November 2012.

VT have one improvement this month. They took away the product card and substitute it into a small booklet. All the vouchers are printed in the booklet. There are a few beauty editorials in the booklet too. It's like a mini beauty magazine. When I first saw the booklet, I was delighted for a second. I thought there's going to be La Mer in the box...

Vanity Trove's new product booklet

Unfortunately, there was no La Mer. They only feature a two-page editorial on La Mer's story.

Some beauty editorials in the booklet

When I saw the facial mask from My Beauty Diary, I thought..... "What??? Another mask?" I'm sure most beauty junkies already tried these sheet masks from My Beauty Diary before. Can we have something new?

My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask

And there are two edible products this month. To be honest, I quite reluctant to consume food products sample. I'm quite cautious with things that going into my mouth. I will only eat stuff that I buy myself. So these two are going into my rubbish bin without mercy.

TruLife Lingzhi Immunity & Slim Secrets Bar

Another free-samples-from-magazine products which I don't find interesting at all....

Albion Skin Conditioner Essential & Yuskin Family Medical Cream

The product that I'm OK with is this makeup remover from Bifesta. They also include some Japanese cotton fiber pad in the sample.

Bifesta Make-Up Remover

And lastly, my most favorite out of the entire box is the lipstick pencil...

Essence Colour & Shine Lipstick Pencil
The lipstick has berry scent and the colour is really sheer. It's easy to use. Kinda reminds me of the Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter. Here's the swatch:

After this month, I've completely unsubscribed VT and cancelled all my recurring payment for VT. I don't think I will subscribe VT in the near future because there are so many other beauty boxes that provide better services. VT cost SGD24.89 each month, which is not cheap. I hope I can see VT improve on their product selection soon.

By the way, I'm having a beauty box giveaway by Modbox. There will be 3 winners and each winner will win a month of free subscription from Modbox. Do check out THIS POST.


cre8tone said...

The heart shape on ur hand.. nice!

Unknown said...

Mine expires feb,dun think I wanna sub2 them aswell..I haven;t seen my stuff yet.If it's a big boohoo,time to say toodles to VT. Pay so much to get food products..Kinda reminds me of GlamaBox,there's always food products,either some weird drink or packets of porridge..

Jerine said...

@prince n princess mum: Thank you <3

@Alison Alison: When your subscription expires, remember to cancel the recurring payment on Paypal. Or else VT will continue your subscription.

illy ariffin said...

I hope the feb version of Vanity trove Malaysia will have better surprises :)

Jerine said...

@illy ariffin: I foresee there will be Kanebo in the coming Malaysia VT. Hahahaha... quite obvious.