Dec 19, 2012

What I Wore to the Palace: Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter

Random conversation on Whatsapp....

Me: Guess what??? I'm in the Palace now.
Shikin: What???
Me: The last time I came here, I didn't know if I can take photos. But now, I can!

*send the following photo to Shikin*

Shikin: Your lipstick really suit you. What do you wear?
Me: Oh... That's the Korres Wild Rose lip butter you gave to me!!! 

I really love the Korres Lip Butter that Shikin got for me. It is my current best friend (replacing Shikin's place, of course!). Lately, I've been putting my lipsticks aside to make way for the Korres Lip Butter. I love the buttery smooth effect it leaves on my lips. Thank you Shikin!!!!!

Korres is quite foreign to Malaysia market because the brand hasn't arrive our shore. 

About the brand:
Korres is a Greek skincare brand, born out of Athen's first ever homeopathic pharmacy in 1996. The first Korres product was an aromatic herbal throat-soothing syrup with honey and aniseed, a recipe inspired by 'rakomelon', a warming spirit-with-honey concoction, which George's grandfather used to make in his hometown on the island of Naxos. Today the Korres portfolio includes over 400 natural and certified organic products, with brand presence in 30 markets. In addition to the stand-alone Korres stores - over 30 stores worldwide in the cities of Athens, New York, Paris, Madrid and Singapore amongst others - the brand's products can also be found at exclusive department stores in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Milan, Berlin, Sydney, Hong Kong and in over 5,500 pharmacies in its homeland Greece.

Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter single swatch

Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter double layer swatch


1. The ingredients are all natural and organic. If you have really sensitive lips, apply this lip butter as base before you apply your lipstick. It helps eliminate some problems.

2. It is a lip butter, but works like a lip tint. Lip tint can be really dry on your skin, but this won't. It can repair your lip condition, at the same time having a rosy pigment while applying it.

3. The color pigment is buildable. If you need a sheer color, apply one layer. But if you want a stronger color, apply a few layers to intensify the color.

4. The texture is buttery smooth. In the pot it feels like a block of wax, but once you apply it on your lips, it feels like Vaseline texture.

5. The price is not too bad. It's in the mid range and definitely won't hurt your pocket.


1. Like most natural and organic cosmetic, this lip butter doesn't last long. I find myself reapplying it every 2 hours.

2. I generally dislike lip product (or any other products) that comes in jar packaging. Everytime I try to get the product with my finger, it gets stuck under my nails. It can get really messy and unhygienic. I hope they can produce a stick-type lip butter. That would be really great!

3. Not available in Malaysia :(

Who should get this?
Anyone who has dry, chapped lips. Anyone with sensitive skin problem on the lips. Anyone who wants sheer lip stain but was too disappointed with the drying effect of lip tint. Organic & vegetarian lover, particularly hardcore hippies.

Will I repurchase this?
Yes. In fact, Shikin already got me another one. I'm so happy! But at the same time, I can't be using too many lip butter at once.

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Just some random stuff..... On my second visit to the palace, I wore the Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter again. If you're the palace kitchen staff and wondering who's that leaving such pretty lip stain on the china tea cup all the time... That's me with my lip butter!!!!

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