Jan 12, 2013

Battle of BB Cream and CC Cream

Step over BB Cream. It is time for CC Cream to take over the pedestal. You probably already notice that. If you haven't, it's just the matter of time. Big brands like Chanel, Olay, and Rachel K are heavily promoting their new CC Cream. Rumour says that more big player such as L'Oreal is coming up with their own CC Cream soon.

So what is this CC Cream about? What's the difference between BB Cream and CC Cream? Which one suits my skin better?

BB Cream CC Cream
What it is....Original name is called "Blemish Balm". Original name is called "Color Correction"
or "Complexion Correction" cream.
How it started.... It was developed especially for
plastic surgery patients in Korea.
Not too sure how it started. But I assume
it is made to give a breath of fresh air
after the trend of BB Cream is slowly
dying off. 
Main function... Has very specific function. The uniform
function is to provide sun screen.

Target acne problem, oily or dry
skin, provide hydration,firmness,
wrinkles and scarring.

Most of the time it is worn as an
alternative for foundation. 
To correct skin tone and provide enhanced
complexion and texture.

Mainly used as primer or base before
wearing a full makeup. However, it
can be worn as it is too. 
Who should get it... Some BB Creams have the same
function as the CC Cream. If you
already have a BB Cream that has
CC Cream functions, you don't
need to get a new one.

If you have a specific skin
concern, especially acne, sensitive
skin or scarring, you might want
to stick to BB Cream. 
If you have a normal skin and just
want to perfect your skin tone and
texture, go for it.

If you use thick foundation and want
to protect your skin from potential
harm, CC Cream is a perfect primer
as it has skin benefits as compared
to other makeup base. 

Do you get a better idea from the chart? I hope it is helpful for you. 

I'm quite interested to try out the CC Cream, however I just can't decide which one to go for because I have not tried any of it. Have you tried CC Cream before? Which brand are you using? Is it good? 


Teng Xwei said...

I've tried the chanel cc cream. Not bad la but I think
almost same with the bb cream.

Jerine said...

@íм χшËî : I'm actually eyeing on the Chanel CC cream but I haven't gone to the counter to try it. Will do that soon.

Jessying said...

Not long from now, there will be DD and EE and FF and ZZ cream.. hehehe.. I can't wait to know what is after ZZ cream!!!

I haven't tried CC cream, well from the reviews I read its like primer (they just renamed to make it sounds like it is something new)

Jerine said...

@Jessying : There's no AA cream yet. Maybe they'll come up with that.

Liss Cope - Bloguerasbee said...

so want to try the chanel one!! :D Big hug <3

illy ariffin said...

you girls are wayy up to date then me.. I didnt even know that there is a CC cream now :)

Thanks fir sharing Jerine :)

Moi Contre La Vie said...

This is a great post! I was wondering about the difference between the two - Thanks for all of the information!