Jan 11, 2013

Beautylabo Whip Hair Color in Caramel Custard

I've tried all the foam hair color in the market, starting with Beautylabo, Liese then Schwarzkopf. If you want to read about the differences between these three foam hair color, you can check out my post "Battle of the Foam Hair Color". Granted that each brand has its pros and cons, I choose Beautylabo because it has the most vibrant color and the color last really long. This round of hair color is going to last until Chinese New Year.

The last time I use the Beautylabo Whip Hair Color, I chose the color Sweet Brown, which is a safe color to try about. This time I'm feeling more adventurous because I've already tried Beautylabo before and it is quite satisfying. I got the color Caramel Custard which is a bright yellow.

Because I already had hair color before, I assumed that my hair color will turn out a bit darker. But who knows the result was quite shocking. It is the brightest color that appears on my result!

Here are the stuff inside...

Step 1, pour in the developer into the shaker...

Step 2, add in the color dye into the developer. Watch how the color transform...

Step 3, close the lid of the shaker tightly. Then shake the thing wholeheartedly like you're shaking a maracas, or pretend you're a bar tender mixing your masterpiece martini.

Well, this is nowhere close to a martini. It really does look like caramel custard that I make in the kitchen!!!!

Step 4, apply it on your hair. Wait for half hour. And rinse off until water runs clear. Use your own shampoo and conditioner. I wash off my hair with shampoo twice. Towel dry the hair and then use the after care provided for in the package. Blow dry. And you're done!!!

Here's a before and after comparison for you to see...

Although the after color feeling of my hair is a bit coarse and dry, I'm ok with it. The Lucido-L Hair Treatment Essence is really good, so I'm not really afraid of the dry and coarse effect. I love the vibrant and even color.

The last time I tried Beautylabo was half a year ago. That time there weren't many people know about Beautylabo. But now it's easily available everywhere. The price is also quite cheap. Last time it was about RM39.90. And I bought the current one less than RM20. It was on the sale rack in Guardian for RM25, with some vouchers, I got it at really cheap price! Have you tried Beautylabo before? If you haven't go and get one. I think you'll love the color a lot.

I only have one problem with the hair color right now. I already had my hair colored previously, but not on the roots of my hair. Those newly grown hair are dye-free and it turns out to be much lighter than the rest of my hair. It looks kinda ugly, like Donald Trump's hair. I don't know how to overcome this problem and it's been happening everytime I dye my hair. Do you have any tips & tricks to share with me?


Iced Nyior said...

Eh i thought you said you didnt like it? Do they have reddish colours? I've tried the liese one but it has this 'wet dog' smell which i didnt like. maybe can try this

Jerine said...

@Iced Nyior: At first I hated it because my hair was really rough after coloring. But after that, I think it's OK if you use the Lucido-L Hair Treatment essence. The color are not as vibrant for other brands. Yup, yup... they have two shades of red color.

Anonymous said...

I recently dyed my hair with Schwarzkopf, and the instructions mentioned that hair closest to your root dyes easily and quickly, so don't put dye on your roots until a bit later! I thought it was kind of weird since it's the darkest part of my hair, but looks like its true because it happened to me too :)

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