Jan 13, 2013

DD Cream.. It Does Exist!!!!!

Was it yesterday that I mention about the CC Cream? Well, we already have DD Cream making its way.

Technically, this DD Cream is a brand and not a range of product. However, Shine from Yahoo reported that DD Cream is already launched in the UK. It is a "daily defense" cream which targets foot and body with heavy texture cream. This DD Cream works as a self-tanning cream.

However, I opine that the "daily defense" cream sounds more like a sunscreen/sunblock product for daily wear. I'm not sure why I think so.

Anyway, the DD Cream (photo above), is aim to help cracked heels from too much walking in high heels. It is specially designed with BHA, Urea, Natural Vitamin E, Vitamin B3 and Aloe Vera to soften and moisturize your skin, diminish black spot and stretch marks, increase skin hydration, encourage skin regeneration, prevent dryness and improve rough skin condition. This DD Cream can also be applied on anywhere on your body, not just on your feet. 

Since there are Thai words on the packaging, I assume this is a Thai made product. Correct me if I'm wrong. I don't read Thai. I will check this out in the mall tomorrow. Oh, by the way.... I'm in Bangkok now! Already scheduled a few interesting posts for this blog. If I don't reply your comments, you know why.... 


Sarvin Sidhu said...

They might even have EE creams, FF creams etc in future! lol.. yeah its written in Thai :)

Unknown said...

urr,,it sounds like a body cream.. Hope you can share more information to us later~
Rmb share some good stuff in Thai ya!
Happy holiday, Jerine!