Jan 5, 2013

Lancôme Trésor in Love

I have always like Lancome's Midnight Rose perfume bottle, but I'm not really a fan of purple color. Good news is.... Tresor in Love has the same bottle and it's not in purple!!! It's in peach!!! My favorite color...

The bottle also comes with an elegant black bow made of rose. The body stood tall and slim. It is very chic yet simple.

This is actually a Christmas gift from a Chief Justice. I must say it is quite flattering to receive something so nice from a CJ as compared to my peers who only got yelling and screaming from most judges. His Honour went on a short retreat with my family before Christmas while I stayed at home and rot, so this is a small treat for me.

Anyway, this is my very first Lancome product. I know I'm really lame for being so ignorant over Lancome, the mega brand in beauty industry. Who doesn't have a Lancome on their dresser? Well, except me, of course...The fact is, I never actually like their makeups. Maybe I will purchase their skincare in the future. As for now, I will start with a small bottle of perfume.

The notes for the perfume is fruity floral with a very soft hint of musk. Here's the perfume pyramid for the notes:

Top notes: Bergamot, Pink pepper, pear, nectarine
Middle notes: Jasmine, rose, peach, violet
Base notes: Musk, virginia cedar

The ingredients blend so well that you don't smell a single scent over another. However, you can't escape the musk and unlike most musky perfume that stings your nose, this one is very gentle and soft. From the sniff, you really can't tell what the fragrance is made of except that it is certainly fruity and floral. It smells like one of those timeless classic female perfume like J'adore, Chloe signature perfume or Estee Lauder Beautiful. It is a very safe choice as I think most people can easily accept the smell.

The scent lasted about 6 hours on my skin which I think is average. It doesn't have very strong sillage.

Another thing that I love is the size. The one that I got is in 30ml which is the smallest bottle. I think this can be a great travel companion as it is easy to carry around, light and also falls within the liquid allowance on the plane.

The perfume comes in a set with shower gel and body lotion. I'm not really a fan of perfume line bath products. Do you ever use the shower gel and body lotion that comes with the perfume?

So I guess I will be bringing this to my girl trip next week. I'm sure my friends will be delighted to help me finish it...

 After we talk about the perfume and the bottle, now let's talk about the commercial. I just have one thing to say.... I'm so in love with the dress and I think I'm going to custom made one for myself!!!! If I have that dress, that is what you call a true Trésor in love...

Although this perfume passed all my requirements (floral, feminine, long lasting, refreshing) for a favourite scent, it didn't make it to my No. 1. Can you guess which is my most favourite? Stay tuned, I shall reveal soon.


Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic, but what nail polish is that? I love the way it looks.

Unknown said...

Sooo thats the perfume that I've been hearing about - look really lovely. Would like to try the scent too. P/S: I super love that dress on the ad and I think that dress is soooo YOU!!!!!

Jerine said...

@Christine N: That's OPI Into the Night from their Spiderman Collection.

@Christine K: I'm dying to get the dress!!! It's so pretty can die!!!

jane said...

hey jerine, u dun need to custom make the dress. many blogshops sell that dress because it was such a big hit last year. not sure if they still have stock. I bought one myself because i fell in love with the dress also when i saw the ad. haha. :)

Jerine said...

@jane: Yeah... I saw a few from blogshops. Unfortunately granted my size, blogshop clothes don't fit me :( They're way too small.