Jan 14, 2013

Monday Mani: OPI The Amazing Spider-Man Minis

It's been awhile since I post up anything on Monday Mani or anything related to nails. End of the year and early of the year is usually the busiest time of the year. Imagine all that messy accounts, payment to make, company evaluation and all that boring stuff to do. Moreover, nail polish is kind of the hardest review to do. There are swatches to do, you have to wait for the sun light for better photos, and it takes time for the polish to dry. Somehow I have new found respect for nail polish bloggers.

Anyway, Monday Mani is back. Hopefully I can make it a weekly post. Today I'm going to share with you all something which I had for a long time but never really have the time to swatch it yet.... The OPI The Amazing Spider-Man minis.

Initially I wanted to buy the full size of Into the Night and Just Spotted the Lizard. But when I find out both the color is in their mini pack, I can't resist to get it. After all, I can try all 4 colors at cheaper price with the minis. There's really no point getting the full size when it comes to funky colors. I rather spend on colors I normally wear for full size.

L-R: Into the Night, Number One Nemesis, Just Spotted the Lizard!, Your Web or Mine?

Below are the swatches...

Into the Night
The color is amazing! But it is also a normal color. I'm sure there are some dupes out there. It is a midnight blue or some might call it electric blue. When the metallic finishing reflects the light it looks really gorgeous. The formula is really sheer. You might want to build up with at least 3 coats for full capacity. If you're a fan of blue nail polish, get this!

Number One Nemesis
I find it hard to explain this color. It looks kinda like metal and at the same time kinda like nickle. I find it quite special but it is not a color to die for. It has very very very little gold, blue and silver glitter underneath and the base is in dirty silver.

Just Spotted the Lizard!
This is my most favorite!!!! And not just favorite from this collection but favorite from the entire nail polish stash that I own. It is a gold-green/blue duochrome. The photo don't do much justice to the color. In real life it looks gold in the middle and at the side/edge it has greenish or blueish reflects. You can probably see it better on its bottle. It is also a dupe of Chanel's Peridot.

Your Web or Mine?
I've became immune with pink nail polish, more over frosty/metallic ones like this. It is quite a bore to see frosty pink nail polish everywhere! It's pink but under the shade it looks kinda red-ish.

I think the only one that worth spending on full size is Just Spotted the Lizard! But if you already have Chanel's Peridot, you might want to pass this because they look really similar.


Unknown said...

yay Just Spotted the Lizard! is more unique than others...
how much this mini set cost?

Teng Xwei said...

I love the just spotted the lizard! I thought only chanel is selling this colour. The colour is so nice!