Jan 4, 2013

Orgams Blush that broke my NARS virginity

After a half year using it, I finally have the time to properly sit down and write a review for the NARS Orgams (spelled wrongly for a purpose... I don't want Google spiders to catch that word and ban my ads. Google robots are so illogical like that. It happened to my old blog and sadly it is the blog that I was earning the most from).

Orgams Blush is NARS cult product. A lot of makeup artists and beauty bloggers been raving about this product. Have you ever wonder if it is really worth the buzz?

Why is NARS Orgams Blush so famous?
It is a universally flattering color. This is the color that suit most skin tone. Whether you're fair or tanned, the blush will suit you. (Keyword "suit". There are many people who claim it doesn't suit them just because they don't like it). And the name also add on to its popularity, of course. Well, who doesn't want an Orgams that looks so good? After this the color "orgams" made it to the top chart year after year, NARS came out with more products (such as The Multiple, lipgloss, nail polish and lipstick) bearing the same name, with the same color. Unfortunately, I don't find other product that interesting after I swatch them on the skin.

The colour...
It is a peach-pink color and has rose gold frost with a very minimal of micro rose gold glitter.

What I think...
This is a gorgeous color! Before this I thought NARS put this product up on the pedestal as one of their star product for marketing purposes. After trying it myself, now I understand why so many people love this blush. The peach-pink color is so beautiful. You will love it if you love coral color blush. The rose gold frost sort of highlight your cheek bones without overdoing it. The rose gold shimmer is quite soft, although it looks really intense on the pan, they look subtle and doesn't show that much on the face. The pigment is really good and the color payoff is also good. You just need one sweep for natural flush look. If you love this, but can't get access to it, I'm offering a NARS shopping service because I will be heading to a place that has NARS counter. You can read <<this post>> for more info. Or alternatively, I find it is very close to Benefit Coralista, which is also one of my favourite.

Who should get this?
If you're into coral color blush, you should really get it. And if you don't mind paying USD28 for a blush, then go ahead and get it.

Any negative comment?
I generally don't like the rubbery case of NARS blush. After awhile they appear to look dirty and it is quite hard to clean them. After all these years, I think NARS should reinvent the packing. Other than that, I think it can be a little bit pricey for a blush. But I can totally justify the price because it is a high end brand and not a drugstore product.

Will I repurchase this?
Yes! I think this is the only blush I need in my life! It can be worn in any occasion and I think it suits me a lot. I just hope that I will be able to get it when the current one runs out. You know it can be a hassle to get NARS stuff when I'm staying in Malaysia.


FurFer said...

the color looks so natural on you! like it

Sabrina Tajudin said...

talk about google ads... i get banned for no reason... haha...

would love to own this blush one day... and the deep throat....

Jerine said...

@Jennifer Furfer: Thanks. That's why I like it so much.

@Sabrina: You must be earning a lot, that's why they ban you. I have deep throat!!!