Feb 9, 2013

Are you confident in your body? If no, read this!

After reading those words of encouragement, you can sum them up in one vibe. That is...... CONFIDENCE. And I want to ask you, are you confident in your own skin and flesh? Do you wish you can do better? I know I do.

That is why I attended the “The Woman Behind Women’s Weight Loss Journey – Slimming and Its Effectiveness”event at Marie France Bodyline to understand more about slimming centres in general and its effectiveness.

Although I may look like I don’t need any weight loss program, deep down inside, I feel that I need it badly. I have a bad body shape problem that cannot be solved – unwanted fats are making their way to my tummy area and it’s so hard to get rid of it and my cellulite problem is getting worse. No exercise or diet can effectively help me reduce my tummy size. Getting rid of cellulite is almost an impossible thing to do. So I think I need to seek for professional help.  

The event was led by Marie France Bodyline CEO herself, Miss Amy Quek Swee Li. I personally find Amy a wonderful inspirational figure. She started her career in Marie France as a consultant and slowly climbing her way up the corporate ladder. She is the first female to hold the CEO position in Marie France. Holding such high pose, Amy has a lot to juggle. She oversees almost every aspect of Marie France, from financial and department management, HR management and team building as well as determining the brand’s strategic direction. 

From the short session with Amy, I get a better understanding on how slimming program works and how things work in Marie France.

In the beginning, I was a bit sceptical about going to slimming centres, after the session I can finally open up my mind about it. Here are some of my doubts before the session with Amy:

1.      Can I afford to pay for the treatment?
I think this is everyone’s concern when they step into beauty centres. And some even get turned off by the thoughts of high pricing. I’m happy to hear that at Marie France, clients are in total control of our spending. The staffs are only concern about the client’s satisfaction and they don’t push for sale. If we are happy to choose Package A, then the staff will give us Package A. There are variety packages to choose from. So if you’re on a tight budget, you can choose the package that’s friendly to your pocket.

2.      How do I know what I’m paying for?
Marie France is practising a price transparency policy, where you will know every detail of what you’re paying for. The price at every Marie France outlet is standardized.

3.      I’m perfectly skinny, do I need slimming program?
Marie France don’t just provide slimming program. It is a “health centre”. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, they will be coaching you the proper way to do it. And if you have main concern on targeted area (e.g. tummy, hips, arms) to lose weight just on that part, they have all the certified technology to help you.

4.      How do I start the program?
Talk to Marie France consultant about your concern, whether you want to lose weight, or do you have cellulite problem, etc. Then the consultant will do an analysis check on your body. After that, you can try out their services first without any commitment. Once you’re satisfied, you can go for more intensive treatment.

5.      How effective is the treatment?
Marie France has technology that can measure your body performance. Being a market leader in this field, they have the experience to know if your body is reacting positively to the treatment or not. Besides that, Marie France program is not just providing machine treatments. It is a life coaching program. Once you embark on the journey to lose weight with Marie France, you will take home a set of knowledge on how to maintain your weight. If you follow the program, there should be no problem with the effectiveness.

6.      Is the treatment safe?
What the program does to your body is that it stimulates what the body suppose to do, for example, it will increase our metabolism rate so that our body can lose weight naturally. All the machines used by Marie France are certified by the World Health Organization. It has gone through filters before it is ready to be used at Marie France. And the technology that Marie France engage in, is the same as the machines used in hospitals to check obesity rate.

7.      What happen after the program ends?
I heard a lot about people gaining back double their weight once they stop going to Marie France. This is true, if you don’t follow the details that you suppose to. Like I mention earlier, Marie France don’t just sell you a weight loss program, they are coaching you to live a healthier lifestyle. Once your treatment ends, the consultant will advise you on certain things, such as what to look out for in your diet and some simple exercise to maintain your weight. It’s all about the initiative whether you want maintain your weight.

Currently, Marie France is having a special launch offer for its Acoustic Radial Therapy (ART) for only RM199. The ART is a non-invasive treatment which combines high energy radial waves with vacuum technology. This treatment focuses on combating cellulite. I’ve made an appointment to try it out after Chinese New Year. Since it is such a good offer, I really don’t want to miss it out.

Here’s a little de tour of how the treatment rooms look like....

They have separate female treatment room and male treatment room.

The lounge in the female treatment room.

Personal treatment room.

Ready for pampering session.

The amenities and facilities at Marie France are quite good. There’s a huge locker to put all your belongings and there’s a shower room and powder room.

This is the wrapping area, where you can watch TV and read magazines during your wrapping treatment.

This is May, the Marie France consultant at their KLCC outlet. She’s so poise!

I really can’t wait for my ART treatment. Will blog about it once I attend the treatment and show you guys how it is done. So stay tuned, ya! I hope I will be more confident of my body after the treatment.



Unknown said...

Thats so interesting - is RM199 for a 1 time treatment?

Jerine said...

Yup. For the first trial. Then you can decide whether you want to continue with the package.

Tammy said...

May's pic in the end adds a touch of Hello Welcome to Marie France Bodyline! *thumbs up*