Feb 2, 2013

Elie Saab EDT & Valentine's Day Giveaway!!!

I believe Elie Saab needs no introduction. In every red carpet event, his couture creations are paraded by A-list celebrities. (Aiyah... say already no need introduction, still intro for what?).

Anyway, today I want to talk about Elie Saab EDT perfume, which is also my most favorite perfume...

The scent is a universally flattering smell. It smells very feminine, romantic and "wedding", not the girlie girl type, but the type that will send a man to heaven once they smell it. In Chinese we say that this perfume 好有女人味。You know what I mean? It's ok if you don't because scent is one of the hardest thing to describe. But I'm certain that it is a scent that easily please every woman. It is very fresh floral and has medium sillage level. It wears for 4-5 hours, which is pretty decent in terms of longevity.

Top notes: Mandarin blossom.
Middle notes: Orange blossom and Gardenia.
Base notes: Vetiver, Rose and Honey.

My love for perfume is a worst kept secret. I have a super huge collection of perfumes and this perfume made it to my most favorite. How I choose a particular perfume to go to my collection is simple.... It must first have attractive bottle (yeah... the smell comes second). And of course, I was first attracted to the Elie Saab perfume bottle. It looks like one of those expensive antique art deco crystal bottle.

Unlike other EDT & EDP that shares the same scent but with different concentration, the Elie Saab EDT & EDP are completely different scent. They're made of different ingredients altogether. The EDP is made of African Orange Flower, Jasmine, Patchouli, Virginia Cedar, Rose and Honey. At least the rose and honey are present in both concentration.

Guys... Since Valentine's Day is near and don't know what to get for your other half, Elie Saab perfume is a very good suggestion. It's very easy to like this perfume. Because of the beautiful bottle, it will make your gift look so classy too.

And girls... If you want try out this amazing perfume before buying it I am giving away this, so that you'll smell like me. Hahahahahahahaha........

Although it doesn't come in the nice pretty bottle, the inside is something which you will fall in love with. I have TWO (2) test tubes 4ml sample bottle to giveaway. Here's how to get it:

1. You have to be a subscriber of this blog. To do so, click on "Join This Site" on the right bar and follow this blog publicly. This is mandatory.

2. Please "like" my Facebook page. Although it's not really required, but it is nice if you can do that.

3. Comment on this blog post below by answering this question: If you're your own perfumer, what scent will you create for yourself that resembles your character the most? 

4. While commenting, please leave your email too.

5. I will take in all the entries until 14 Feb 2013; 8pm (Malaysian time). And I'll announce the winner on this blog the same day at 11pm so that you will know you get something on Valentine's Day. I'm so thoughtful right? LOL!

6. Only opens to residence in Malaysia only.


倩倩 EQiAN said...



Unknown said...

If I am my own perfumer, I'd love the top notes to have english pear (somehow i just love the Jo Malone one) and base notes to incorporate rose scent!!! Lovely, romantic and fun!!!!

Xiao wei said...
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LauraLeia said...

If I am my own perfumer, I would concoct a fragrance that has roses and sandalwood. These are my absolute favourite scents in the world, and maybe I would throw in a little vanilla to sweeten it up and maybe some other flowery scents (because I love flowers). Not sure how it would turn out though, haha! :D

Alicia.L (Ally) said...

I adore refreshing and lightness fragrance. If I am my own perfumer, I would like to add in verbena and citrus extract for the refreshing and revive sensation as if you'r close to nature everyday ^^


J-Mei said...
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J-Mei said...

I will choose the scent of sunflower because the scent will conveying warmth and happiness just like me.


Nicole Yie said...

Hi Jerine!

If I were to be a perfumer, I would make a perfume that held floral scent as their base, probably a mix of rose for their elegance and jasmine for a cheerful side touch up to enhance both of my romantically femininity and my cheerful youth, and a little citrus scent to give my perfume a spike of sweetness! =)


Unknown said...

I would like to have citrusy scent for my top note and the base note would be musky and wood smell to represent my cheerful appearance with a deeper inner personality.

Unknown said...

argh, forgot...danielletan@hotmail.com

Jaime said...

I love fruit smell, such as peach, mango, passion fruit and i would add a hint of lemon scent in the perfume too.

Thanks Jerine.


Nabilah Ismailjee said...

I would create a really feminine and mature kind of scent. (Like my favourite scent, Burberry Body)


мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

If i'm my own perfumer, i will create a scent that is light and refreshing like citrus or peppermint for myself that resembles my character the most? ;) And thank you so very much for the giveaway Jerine :D


Caren Ng said...
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Caren Ng said...

Dear Jerine,

I will create a gourmand perfume with hint of citrusy that suits my love for having good food.
Dashes of cumin, cinnamon, star anise and some secret herbs and spices for that gourmet aroma

Yue Rain said...


if i am a perfumer, i would create a unique smell that resembles my love for rain and peaches. i was thinking of Durian but then people would immediately faint when they smell it so i don't think so.

snowmint said...

I will create a moderately sweet powdery fruity-floral scent. A scent that is not too girlie-girl. It will open with notes that harmonise together; apples ( I love their fresh scent which reminds you of spring), peaches ( I find furry things cute and it tastes great ) & raspberry ( they look pretty ). Then a hearty middle note of jasmine ( I have always love the scent of jasmine in its flower form to in the form of a cup of tea ) and vanilla ( so fragrantly sweet and reminds me of desserts ). Slowly it will come to a powdery base note of white wood and musk ❤


Annie Lee said...

Hi Jerine, as a perfumer I would include wildberries in the top note, tuber rose as the mid/base. Maybe a slight woody scent for the top note as well so that the perfume is not overly sweet!!!


Waileng Tan said...

I only learned about perfume (and its making) while watching "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer". So if I ever become a perfumer it may smell funny with the following scent

Peppermint Lady Earl Tea with lemon slice.

I choose this beverage as a perfume because it's my favorite drink and most likely resembles my character. And if you're wondering why Lady Earl instead of Earl Grey, its because Lady Earl smells just about the same but not as strong

By the way, it's really thoughtful of you to share this special Valentines Day giveaway. THANK YOU.

My email wwaileng196[at]gmail[dot]com

Unknown said...

If I am my own perfumer, I’d love the sensuous pomegranate noir spiked with pink pepper and laced with Casablanca lilies, spritzed with the voluptuous, romantic red roses with its hint of lemon and honeycomb is the perfect scentualization for the party season, beautifully rock and rose.


sweetlittleduck said...