Feb 7, 2013

Huge Cellnique Skincare Haul & Small Giveaway

Chinese New Year is coming! I'm so excited! Are you?

Anyway, few months ago, I joined a blogging contest conducted by Cellnique. THIS IS THE POST that you guys probably forgotten. And last month, the PR contact me that I've won the grand prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy.... I still am. I never win anything in my life before! 

Last week, I finally got to collect the prize. The bag was soooooo heavy! Here are all the stuff in the bag:

1. Leather jewellery box
2. Cellnique towel
3. Umbrella
4. Skin Action Sebum Gel 30ml
5. Ion Inductor Face Massager
6. Intensive Hydrating Cream 50g
7. Soothing & Hydrating Lotion 200ml
8. Body Plush Emulsion Wash 250ml
9. Body Plush Velvety Veil 250ml
10. Some samples

The total value for the prizes is RM1,380. That's a huge amount! I think the biggest chunk of value comes from the Ion Inductor Face Massager:

This ion guiding equipment adopts high-tech microelectronic guiding technology, can input nutritional components to stratum basale, increase energy of cell, quickens cell's movement and metabolism, lets skin refreshed, white and tender. If it is coordinated with corresponding products, its effect will be better. You just need apply your regular skincare products, then turn on the machine and massage the face from bottom to upward motion. 

I didn't know Cellnique also has their own body products. I'm so happy to receive the Body Plush Emulsion Wash and Body Plush Velvety Veil. 

I'm going to try it on as soon as I finish this blog post (yeah... I haven't had my shower for the day). The body wash contains extra skin nourishment and the body lotion has additional elbow and knee care. 

Of course, the star product is the Intensive Hydrating Cream (RM189). This is the most powerful hydration cream by Cellnique. 

It has good hydration base and acts as an instant relief for both dry and dehydrated skin. It helps treat dryness and flakiness by reinforcing the skin's protective lipid layer and nourishing the complexion. Its potent anti-oxidants also keep skin shielded from hard environmental attacks. The final result is a visible moisturized skin shown after short period of application thus skin feels comfortably plumped, soft and looking healthy.

I don't know if you've heard of the Cellnique's Skin Action Sebum Gel (RM159). I read from Eki's Blog on her 2012 favorite that she uses this Skin Action Sebum Gel since 2009 and it helps her prevent breakouts. 

This phyto bio-engineering formulation gel for all skin types is to reduce both blackheads and whiteheads on affected skin area without painful extraction. This is perfect for me! My skin is prone to scars and I cannot go for extraction. I hope it really helps in eliminating blackheads effectively.

Lastly, it is the Soothing & Hydrating Lotion (RM79).

This is a toner that contains 14 types of plant extracts to calm sensitive-prone skin. 

I am going to put all my skincare aside first and try out all these Cellnique's skincare to see if they work on my skin. Will write a comprehensive separate reviews on each product after I try it. Meanwhile, I have something to share with you guys...

Because I already have the full size Skin Action Sebum Gel, I am going to give away my trial size. I have two  bottles of 30ml trial size to share with you all. One of it is from the previous Modbox and another one is from the samples Cellnique gave to me. 

If you want to try out the Skin Action Sebum Gel, please follow the rules:

1. Must be subscriber of this blog on GFC.
2. Comment below with your email. If you don't provide me your email, I will assume that you're not interested.
3. This is open until 28 Feb. I will email the two winners personally. I probably won't announce this because it's such a small thing. Maybe I will just slip in the announcement in one of my post on that day. 

Right now I'm going to take my shower and try out the bath & body products. Special thanks to Cellnique for all the stuff. I'm loving all of it. 


Mizu said...

omg Cellnique!Review please! I wanted to try their brand so much but I couldn't afford to buy it now so maybe I'm keeping money for now :D

Would love to join your giveaway too!
GFC : Mizu chan
email : marvelikalife@gmail.com

thank you so much!

snowmint said...

Would really love to try it ^^

Thanks for organizing this give-away ❤


J-Mei said...

Thanks for the giveaways !!


cindy said...

GFC : Cindy Tong
email : cindytong86@gmail.com

I would love to tryout cellnique product!!

мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

GFC Name: Nicole
Email Address: miley71(at)hotmail(dot)com

Thank you so very much for the giveaway Jerine,i would really love to try this one out :D

Yue Rain said...

thanks. would love to join it. please do a review on the ion massager please?

GFC name: Erin Kong

Charmaine Pua said...

Wow you won the grand prize!!

obat epilepsi tradisional said...

congrats for you..


illy ariffin said...

Congratulations! Wow... so nice :) I didnt know they have body care line tooo :)

Beauty Chatter said...

Yay! Giveaway! enter me please.

also Haoppy Chinese New Year girl!

Marie Maman

Aby Teo said...

Yay for the giveaway :DD Cellnique wasnt available in Malacca yet >_<

thank you :D and congratulation for winning it ~ enjoy ur products :DD


mie-arsi.blogspot.com said...

Wow,great giveaway dear:)enter me
GFC: miarsi ningsih
Email: miarsiku at gmail dot com

Nicole Yie said...

Wheeeeeeeee another giveaway from Jerine!! Like like like!!!

Hope I can win it cause recently have lots of breakouts all of a sudden and it's CNY now T_T Hope can try to use it and stop my breakouts asap!!! #prettygirlwannbe XD

Really love everything you share so much! Hope to see more giveaways =D

My email: nicole.yie@live.com

Sarvin Sidhu said...

congrats! and please let me win the Skin Action Sebum Gel :P


Teng Xwei said...

You're so lucky! Congrats!
I never win prize before so pick me!*wave hand

Unknown said...

Spanks for the Giveaway.Would love to try..


Michelle Wong said...

I have really stubborn blackheads and I've tried 5 products so far. Latest black head product I'm trying is b.liv by cellnique but i'm not so sure if it's working or not? So I hope I win this giveaway and see if this product by cellnique will help keep my blackheads away! haha. thank you, I love your blog!

GFC name: Michelle Wong
email: michellewong.94@hotmail.com