Feb 25, 2013

Kate Spade & Victoria's Secret Haul; Shopping from Angpao Money

Did you get a lot of angpao this CNY? My angpao business is really bad, mainly because my parents don’t go relative’s house for visiting and my relatives don’t come to my house too L. And most them that give out angpao thinks I’m too old to receive angpao, so I get the downgraded version.

I had a little splurge with my angpao money. I’m sure you do too.

Kate Spade has really interesting accessories. I find myself taking a peep at their accessories display all the time. This time, I can resist to get this “Things We Love” charm bracelet.

And my perfume collection is expanding again with some Victoria’s Secret. Last two months, I walked into VS Pavilion to look for their limited edition Bombshell perfume. Bombshell is my daily perfume and it would be really great if I can get the limited edition bottle. So I asked the SA if they are bringing it in. And the SA looked at me puzzled and said,

VS SA: My dear, Bombshell is not a limited edition perfume. It has been here all these while and it is a permanent collection.
Me: Yeah I know. But I want the limited edition bottle that has pink glitters all over it.
VS SA: I don’t know what you mean. But Bombshell is never a limited edition.

Then she laughed at me and just left me there. I was like... watafak! I got so pissed off so I asked Yvonne to get it for me from London.

Here it is now....

I feel like bringing this to VS and fling it on the SA’s face. If she doesn’t know there’s a Bombshell limited edition bottle then it’s OK. She really don’t have to laugh at me. I felt like I’ve been mocked and it is really intimidating. I don’t think I will want to patronize VS here again. I rather ask my friends to buy for me from overseas.

Although this is supposed to be only a limited edition bottle, for some reason, I think the smell between the original Bombshell and the Bombshell Sparkle is different. They smell really close, but there’s something different about it.

And Yvonne got for me the Victoria’s Secret London perfume. This is the perfume that she is currently using. It smells fruity sweet, which I really love. And the best thing about it is.... this is only available in London and nowhere else!

Although the bottle is not the most flattering perfume bottle I have in my stash, I really do love the light scent. It can pass as a daily fragrance.

By the way, what did you buy with your angpao money?


Teng Xwei said...

The VS perfume bottle so nice!!!!!!
I save the money to renovate my new room next year so I can't shopping :'(

Sabrina Tajudin said...

that bombshell sparkle bottle is just the bomb! so pretty!!!!

LauraLeia said...

The LE bottle really looks gorgeous! If I were you I would go back to the shop and bring a friend along, then 'discuss' about the LE bottle there, LOL.
The bracelet is really pretty ^^

Fiona said...

My angpow business is bad too this year. It's due to the fact I earn lesser so I give lesser to my parents and the return is also lesser LOL. I have lots of relatives but stingy one. It's either I get RM2 + "please get married next year so I don't have to give you angpow" or RM5 + same phrase =.="

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

At least you lucky girls still get ang paos!

Jerine said...

@Wai Yee aka Rane: But you have a loving husband. I'll trade angpao for a good husband anytime.

Sarvin Sidhu said...

loving the charm bracelet!