Feb 9, 2013

MIVVA February 2013 Valentine's Day Beauty Box

It's Chinese New Year!!!! What are you going to do? The first day is a usual thing for my family to visit relatives. And on the second day, I'm going to watch PSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The venue of the concert is quite weird, at Han Chiang College. The field at Han Chiang is no doubt big, but Psy's crowd is going to be huge! I'm having doubts that I will get parking. I think it would be much better if they do it at Esplanade.

Today I'm going to share with you all what I received in this month's MIVVA beauty box, which is also the Valentine's Day box.

Actually I didn't subscribe to this month's MIVVA box because I think I already have too many beauty boxes and I'm thinking of taking a break from subscribing all the beauty boxes. So I contacted MIVVA and they said this is a complimentary box for me to review. Thanks a lot, MIVVA team! I really love this month's box.

Let's talk about the products inside the box:

1. Murad Vitalic Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask (RM16.50 for 7.5ml)
An antioxidant-rich, weekly treatment that restores, revitalizes, and balances the skin. Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask provides instant, intensive smoothing and hydrating benefits. Each single-dose treatment dissolves dull and dry skin creating a complexion that is fresh, clear, smooth, and bright.

We've seen this in the January WonderBox. I've tried it and it's not bad. I can't tell if it is good for antioxidant and all that benefits, but my skin does feel soft and smooth after the first use. So I'm not complaining.

2. Nature's Lab Refreshing Body Whip (RM69 for 250ml/ RM103 for 450ml)

A light and freshly scented natural whip with Shea Butter, Grapeseed & Chamomile extracts, to moisturize and nourish your body every morning and night. This feather-light, non-oily and non-sticky body whip will leave your skin feeling hydrated, smooth and refreshed. An all-time favorite with our customers, and most suitable for the hot & humid summer climate.

The smell is so good and refreshing! The skin does feel velvety smooth after applying. Contrary to the description, it feels a little sticky and oil when you first apply it on the skin. It takes a little while for the stickiness and oiliness to go away.

3. Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Toner (RM49.90 for 120ml)

Contains Gentiana Lutea Root Extract and Black Pearl Extract to ensure optimal skin condition. NMF Sodium PCA and Hyaluronic Acid to retain up to 6000 times of their weight in water to keep your skin continuously hydrated and seal in moisture to defend against outside influences. Vitamin B3 can hinder transformation of melanin and minimize the amount of melanin to keep your skin fair and bright.

I've seen this before, but it never came across my mind to purchase it. The description of the product sounds promising but I will only try it after I finish my current toner. It is a bit troublesome to try out skincare sometimes. It smells really nice! But I think it contains fragrance (not listed on the ingredients list) because the smell is quite artificial.

4. Paul Penders Natural Cream Lipstick (RM79 for 3.5g)

A lovely variety of matte shades made with Levens ESSSENTIE Gold (a 100 years old, time tested, holistic extract made from 22 certified organic herbs) and natural plant oils for extra moisture, without chemicals. Free from artificial colours and chemical dyes. For added moisture and prolonged wear use Paul Penders Lip Gloss after application. Available in 9 delicious shades.

I never heard of the brand Paul Penders before but I'm really excited to try this out. The colour that I got is such a nice nude (Tearose). I'm all into natural ingredients beauty products. Not only it is free from chemical that harms our body, I will also feel good about using it. Environmental friendly beauty product waste will not harm the earth when they get flushed down. My brother is using their facial wash, and he claims that it is very effective in reducing his acne.

5. SKIN79 White Reviving Miniature (Solution RM90 for 30ml/ Softener RM67 for 150ml/ Emulsion RM72 for 150ml)

It gives caring clean & clear skin by improves dull surface of the skin, and contains international patent that soothes the skin which has been exposed to the environmental aggressors. It also helps to revive your elastic and healthy skin.

I'm quite confused with these. There's no instruction on the steps of the products. These are the ones that I least interested in trying because I don't really fancy whitening products.

The product leaflets and vouchers..............

This month, MIVVA is having a very exciting activity for their subscribers. They include two angpaos in the box in conjunction of Chinese New Year. Take a photo with your friend holding the MIVVA angpaos. Then post it on Facebook and tag MIVVA. You will receive 200 MIVVA points which you can claim their beauty box or products.

While Valentine's Day is just around the corner, the MIVVA team added some treats and a lovely pink flower hair clip into their box. Although the flower hair clip is a bit flatten before they got to me, I think the gesture is really sweet.

Overall, I think this month's MIVVA box is quite good. There are two full size products - Beautymate Toner and the Paul Penders Lipstick. There's also a balance between skincare, makeup and body products.

MIVVA box is one of the many beauty boxes which I recommend. The price is not too bad too. It's RM38 a month. If you're interested to subscribe, please use my affiliate link <<here>> so that I can earn some points. Thank you.

P/S: Sorry for the phone-quality photos. I forgot to bring my camera back to my grandma's house :(


illy ariffin said...

hurm.. not bad, quite worth it Rm 38 :)

I havent tried their service before, but now I am kinda interested :)

Fiona said...

I'm taking a break from beauty box too beginning next month. My room is going to pecah soon. Now I have problem stashing the boxes away.

Jerine said...

@illy: Yup. I quite like Mivva box. It's worth trying.

@Fiona: Exactly! I feel sayang to throw the boxes, but at the same time, I don't have place to keep them.

kittyin said...

Hello Jerine,

Nice to meet you.

I'm new to all these 'beauty boxes' concept, so may I know what else brand of the boxes do we have in Malaysia?

I've tried WonderBox, now I know Mivva from your blog, I wonder if there is any more.

Just like to compare and pick the 'best'.. =P

Thanks for your sharing~


Jerine said...

@kittyin: I have a beauty box comparison in this post:


There are more popping up after I wrote the comparison. The Part 2 is coming up soon. Do watch out for it.