Feb 4, 2013

Monday Mani: OPI Mariah Carey's Liquid Sand

Hi everyone!!!

Today I have a very exciting review to share with you all. It's the very first Liquid Sand nail polish by OPI. The new Liquid Sand nail polish by OPI is featured in the latest Mariah Carey's collection. In the collection, there are 4 studio shades, which I don't find "that" interesting. Meanwhile, there are 4 new Liquid Sand finish, which are glittered nail polish with matte texture.

While accompanying my mom to her nail studio visit for CNY, I've picked up two Liquid Sand shades out of four.... Can't Let Go and Stay The Night.

Here's the swatch for Can't Let Go.

This indigo blue nail base nail polish is super stunning! It has silver hex glitter and micro silver and purple glitters. When applied on the nails, the silver hex glitter don't look silver mainly because the lacquer covers up the silver color. The base itself appears to look like gel formula but it dries off with sandpaper-like texture. Surprisingly, the texture feels quite smooth although it looks rough.

And my ultimate favorite is the Stay The Night shade. If I could grab only one bottle, I will definitely choose this. It is a black polish base, before it dries up it looks like jelly formula just like Can't Let Go. And once it dries up, the surface looks rough, matte and has a 3D texture that resembles sandpaper. What I love about this shade is the combination of black base and red glitters. I have weak knees over black base and red glitters nail polish (one example is the Deborah Lippmann Red Ruby Slippers). To be honest, I can't tell if the glitters are in red or hot pink. It looks either and neither. Unlike the Can't Let Go, Stay The Night doesn't have hex glitters and only has micro glitters in it.

The Liquid Sand nail polish is meant to be worn without top coat to preserve the matte and rough texture. However, if you like a more refine and smooth surface, you can be a rebel and apply generous amount of top coat to cover the texture. I bet they'll look amazing too!

Although the Liquid Sand is a new product for OPI, it is not exactly a new thing in the nail polish industry. We've seen this from Bloop Sandy nail polish (click here for review). The difference between the OPI and Bloop is that the OPI one has more rough texture because of the glitters.

Drying time is average. But keep in mind that the formula is a bit thick. You might want to switch off your fan before applying or it'll dry up your nail polish in the bottle really fast. Cleaning is not as bad as cleaning off glittered nail polish and certainly not a problem.

I'm loving it! Especially Stay The Night. Anyway, are you keen to try the new Liquid Sand nail polish?

Meanwhile, OPI is coming up with a new collection in collaboration with the Disney's movie Oz the Great and Powerful.

This collection comprises one Liquid Sand, three glittered and three jelly base soft shade lacquer. I feel that there's a lacking of WOW-factor in this collection. They could have done much better with the Oz theme. What happen to the emerald green color and the red glitter? An Oz fan should know what I mean. And the jelly base soft shade is so overdone in the NYC Ballet Collection. I feel that the three shades belongs to the NYC Ballet Collection rather than representing anything from Oz.

Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to get the Lights of Emerald City, Glints of Glinda (Glinda is my favorite character!) and Which is Witch?

If you're planning to watch the Oz the Great and Powerful, I advise you to read the book The Wicked. It is a different set of story prior to Oz. You will get a better idea how all the characters develop.


Leimun said...

Nice review! ❤
I like to read nail posts from you ^_^

Currently don't have any shades that caught my attention yet.

Probably my sandpolish heat is over with bloop. Not good.

Camy said...

its so pretty!!!

Sarvin Sidhu said...

I love how this particular range by OPI has that sandy texture! Surprisingly the texture wasn't rough like what I expected..

Choi Yen said...

I bought this too, but is in mini size package!

Jerine said...

@Leimun: And I like your nail polish posts. Hahaha... Thanks,

@Camy Lau: Yup. I also think it's great.

@Sarvin Sidhu: Actually the Bloop one is smoother. But the OPI isn't that bad either.

@Choi Yen: I saw the mini one right after I bought these :(