Mar 23, 2013

Can you pronounce this... Diptyque L'Eau Du Trente-Quatre

They say everything sounds nicer when you say it in French. But the problem is pronouncing French words. I find it hard to pronounce the newly launched Diptyque's Spring 2013 fragrance. Now say L'EAU DU TRENTE-QUATRE.

When I pronounced it, I made it sound so Spanish. It's quite embarrassing for myself when I attended the official opening of Diptyque's kiosk at Pavilion.

The opening of Diptyque kiosk at Pavilion was officiated by Her Excellency Mme Martine Dorance, the Malaysian French Ambassador.

In conjunction with the launch, Diptyque also introduced their new scent for Spring 2013, the L'Eau Du Trente-Quatre. It is a versatile scent which can be appreciated by both men and women. It is also a reminder of the company's very first fragrance, l'Eau.

Before reaching the Diptique kiosk, I can smell spicy citrusy smell from afar. The aroma is so warm and welcoming. As soon as I reached the event, there were plenty of Diptyque candles left burning on each table.

The top note includes a flight of bitter orange, verbena, lemon, grapefruit, and lavender, spiced and cinnamon tree leaves. A green note of birch tree leaf, from Philosykos adds a lively freshness to the fragrance. The heart is structured around Egyptian geranium, voluptuous tuberose on a base of Virginian cedarwood, patchouli, a splash of incense and Spanish cist. Lastly, bright amount of mellowness and sensuality.

Personally, I find the scent is more of a winter aroma. Perhaps it is because of the spiciness that lingers around. Diptyque has a full range of products for this collection which includes, eau de toilette, solid perfume, perfumed soap, scented candle, scented oval and room spray.

I got particularly impressed by their new home fragrance/infuser. Unlike normal infuser which has a typical bottle with some bamboo sticks sticking out of the lid, this infuser works like an hourglass sand clock. When you tip over the bottle, the fragrance will drop to the bottom bulb and each drop that passes through the neck of the bottle will infuse the aroma into the room.

This is the coolest thing I spotted that day. Isn't it nice to own one at home?

By the way, have you visited the Diptyque kiosk at Pavilion yet? It's been around for awhile. I'm not too sure why they only launch it last week.. Well, if you haven't do drop by and find your favorite scent. My favorite is still the Rosa Mundi from their Valentine's Day 2012 collection.

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