Mar 26, 2013

Daiso Beauty Haul - What Worth to Buy this Month

Confession... I really love Daiso!!!!!!!!!!! I can spend hours there. Because of that, I give everyone an impression how "aunty" I am. I can't help it. Things there are so cheap!!! RM5 for anything! And when I browse through each corner, I will definitely find something which I never thought I needed.

While waiting for Alicia for tea yesterday, I managed to grab all of these:

1. Good puff cotton pad

Two boxes for RM5. Cotton pads from Daiso is actually more expensive than the ones from Watson and Guardian. But I keep this for eye pad. I DIY my own tea eye pad to depuff my eyes and to get rid of my dark circles. If you want to know how to do it, do let me know, I will make a DIY post. Why I choose this cotton pad is because it is much thicker than other cotton pads and can saturate more liquid inside.

2. Fake eye lash clipper

If you're the type that find it hard to put on fake lashes, this tool is so helpful! The eyelashes that I bought from Taiwan are so soft. And the backbone is made of string. It's so freaking hard to put it on with normal tweezer. And this tool is like god-sent! Just clip, put on the lash glue and stick it to the eyelid.... kaotim!

3. Fake eyelash case

I don't think I need this but I bought it out of the uber cuteness. I can't resist the pink case and the black bow. Anyway, I applied my motto "buy first think later" and got it. If I don't use it to store my eyelash, I can still put other stuff in it or maybe I can do a gift away.

4. Sauce dish

I bought the sauce dish not to put sauces on, but to put my soap. I find those soap cases are so fugly! You know, like those plastic ones with the cover. Yucks! So freaking ugly! I cannot find a simple and nice soap dish, so have to improvise by using sauce dish...

5. Socks

I always buy socks from Daiso for my running. Some people will go to Nike or Adidas to get a pair of socks that cost RM20+. And I think the RM5 Daiso socks work just fine.

6. Cleansing pad

I know I just bought it few weeks ago. Now I found another use for this cleansing pad, so I have to get another one. Will surprise you guys with a post on it. You will never thought what other stuff this simple cleansing pad can do.

I didn't know my entire haul is in pink. Hahahaha.... Just realized it when I'm writing this post. Another Daiso fan here??? Let me know what's good to buy this month...


illy ariffin said...

Have you tried their bath bomb yet? At the one utama outlet they have this section for bath bomb.. for the price of RM 5 it is SUPER worth it :P

choulyin.tan said...

I wana know how to DIY the tea pad!! :D I have puffy eyes and dark circles, and LOTS of tea at home, so knowing this might be worth the trick :D

Waileng Tan said...

OMG! Me! Me! Me! I'm a Daiso fan too! By the way, do teach about th tea pads. It sounds interesting.

Pink and Undecided said...

I love daiso too!!!! Too bad Daisos in Indonesia doesn't have as much beauty stuffs compared to Singapore or Malaysia's daisos.. Am gonna hunt for that lash clipper!

Imemily said...

yeah I like to shop in Daiso too! Their products are quite new and creative. Some are worth the price!

Choi Yen said...

Daiso is a dangerous place!

VPS Server Hosting UK said...

I am quite impressive with Daiso,their products are very nice and cost effective.

Jerine said...

@illy ariffin: I checked out the 1U Daiso and bought some green tea soap. They're so nice. Thanks for the reco.

@choulyin.tan: OK. I shall post it up next week if I have the time.

@Waileng: Will find the time next week to post it up. It requires some kitchen work. LOL!

@Mindy Pauline: I didn't know there's a Daiso in Indonesia! Damn it!!! I miss it. Will definitely pay a visit when I'm there again.

@Emily: I always be very careful when purchasing "useful" stuff. So easy to get carried away.

@Choi Yen: Hahahaha... You're definitely right!

@VPS Server Hosting UK: Exactly. I love the deals!

мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

Which Daiso did you go to buy that cleansing pad,eyelash casing and that lash clipper??Cause not all Daiso has it :(