Mar 3, 2013

Good News for Muslims Friends Who Wish to Wear Nail Polish during Solat

Did you read today's Berita Harian. I was flipping the newspaper at the cafe today and found this interesting article, so I thought I should share the knowledge with all my Muslim readers.

My Muslim friends told me that they're not allowed to put on nail polish when they're praying. Most of the time, they will put on the nail polish and remove it at night, or they will only put it on when they're having their period. It's quite a tedious process to remove nail polish.

Anyway, today's article says that Muslim females are now able to put on Inglot O2M nail polish when they're praying. The O2M nail polish contains oxygen that enables water moisture to be absorbed into your nail bed. The science behind it has been approved by an "ulama" Shaykh Mustafa Omar, she confirms that the absorption of moisture is in accordance to syariah rules. The breathable nail polish allows the washing water of wuduk to penetrate into your nails. I'm not a Muslim, the facts might not translate that well, but you can read more details on her blog <<here>>.

This is by far the greatest achievement of Wojciech Inglot (founder of Inglot) during his time as a chemist and beautician. Mr. Inglot already had the O2M nail polish certified as halal. I just visited Inglot outlet and the halal sign is still not on the bottle yet.

I'm so excited over this news because now I don't have to worry about buying nail polish to my Muslim friends. Sometimes I feel a bit wasted if I get them nail polish and they're not able to wear them.

As I'm sharing this good news with you, I'm also quite upset to let you guys know that Mr. Inglot just passed away last week. RIP Mr. Inglot and thank you for your marvelous contribution in the beauty world. I love all the colors you created in your makeup line.


Farisha Nadia said...

That is interesting! Thank you for sharing :) I can't wait to check it out soon!

Autumn (Mrs Gaeul) said...

I've heard of this! I think it is really a great idea not only for Muslims... our nails need to breathe to stay healthy!

Sabrina Tajudin said...

wow! nice! i really appreciate the way you understand your muslim friends! <3 God bless you!

Jean said...

interesting! shall share this news with my muslim friends! =)

Leimun said...

oh great! i can now playing nail polishes with my muslim friends! =D