Mar 7, 2013

Panty Liner Comparisons and Review

This is probably the weirdest product review you've ever read on beauty blog.... panty liners. We all girls wear panty liner on a daily basis, but I don't know why no beauty blogger ever interested to blog about it. Maybe because it is not as glamorous compared to reviewing makeups and skincare. Anyway, we need panty liners more than a blusher and nail polish.

So I went to some drug stores and pick up 7 different brands of panty liners to compare. All the brands claimed the same shit like bacterial-free, cotton soft, keeps you fresh throughout the day, breathable, bla bla bla... Are those taglines sufficient to help you to make a decision which pantyliner is for you?

At the end of this review, you will find the conclusion of, which panty liner is:

...the cheapest?
...the most expensive?
...the best for travelling?
...the best for sports/active days?
...the best for heavy flows/after period?
...the best for G-string?

Here are the brands that I'm going to compare:

1. Watsons Ultra-thin Cottony Soft Pantyliner
2. Guardian Pantyliner
3. Sofy Double Fresh
4. Libresse Pure Fresh Green Tea
5. Kotex Fresh Liners Longer & Wider
6. Carefree Ultra Thin
7. Laurier Active Fit Wuick Dry & Fresh

1. Watsons Ultra-Thin Cottony Soft Pantyliner

It is a pretty basic pantyliner but I find the absorption is not so good. It has a layer of a polyster-like feeling on the surface of the pantyliner. The safeguard rim is not really that "safe". It will tend to leak if you're on active days. I don't recommend you to use this just before or after your period. But on normal days, this is a sufficient one to have.
RM5.90/ 36 pieces/ RM0.17 per piece

2. Guardian Pantyliner

The safeguard rim is quite secured so you don't have to worry about leaking discharge. But the biggest problem with this pantyliner is that the adhesive at the back is not that tacky. If you want to do sports or going for traveling, this is not the pantyliner to wear.
RM6.50/ 40 pieces/ RM0.16 per piece

3. Sofy Double Fresh

This is the double-layer pantyliner. It is very convenient when you're traveling with this. You can just discard the top layer and the bottom layer will reveal a fresh piece. The second layer is secured by the safeguard rim at the side, so there's no glue on top of the second layer. Although it is double layer, the pantyliner is generally very slim.
RM6.54/ 52 pieces/ RM0.13 per piece

4. Libresse Pure Fresh Green Tea

The thought of having a green tea scent down there is quite a turn off because I always associate green tea as something edible. But this does help a bit in controlling odor. This is the thinnest pantyliner of all the stash I have here. It is stretchable if you need a longer coverage. If you still have a bit of discharge after period and has that strange odor, this can help regulate the bad smell. But the thin layer might not be sufficient for you to wear it for a long time. You might want to layer this on top of some other pantyliner if you're using it after period.
RM5.80/ 36 pieces/ RM0.17 per piece

5. Kotex Fresh Liners Longer & Wider

This is the thickest pantyliner compared to all the pantyliners I have today. And it is also the softest of all. It is perfect for heavy flow and after period. However, the safeguard rim is not really secured.
RM4.20/ 16 pieces/ RM0.26 per piece

6. Carefree Ultra Thin

Although the pantyliner is thin, it has a little bit more padding compared to the Libresse one. There is a safeguard rim so you don't have to worry about overflow. It has the smallest package, so it is relatively easy to carry around.
RM 3.06/ 20 pieces/ RM0.15 per piece

7. Laurier Active Fit Quick Dry & Fresh

The padding is in the middle, so it is quite insecure for those with heavy flow. Although it has good secured rim, I find it no point because there's not enough padding at the side for absorption. This pantyliner requires a lot of changing because I don't think it is long-lasting.
RM.4.14/ 20 pieces/ RM0.21 per piece


Cheapest: Sofy - RM0.13 per piece and it also has two layers, that makes it only 7 cents for each wear.
Most expensive: Kotex - RM0.26 per piece
Good for traveling: Sofy - it has double layer that makes it very convenient to change a fresh sheet during the day. It is thin and has secured rim, so it's comfortable when you need to sit or stand for a long time.
Good for sports & active days: Carefree - The thin layer makes it very aerodynamic to move around and the adhesive is quite strong.
Good for heavy flow & after period: Kotex - It is thick and has strong absorption.
Good for G-string: Libresse - It is paper-thin, so you can fold the extras at the back easily and it feels barely there.

I'm glad I made this comparison because I found out a lot of things that I didn't expect. For example, I always thought home brands product are the cheapest, but I was wrong. In this case, the Watsons & Guardian brand aren't that cheap. And the more pieces they have in a pack don't translate to economical too.

After going through this review, I know you will ask me, "What if I want a cheap pantyliner but I also want to wear it after my period while doing sports?". That I really cannot answer you because each pantyliner has its own pros and cons. As for me, I will stick to the cheapest. After all, we will discard it after each wear. There's no point putting on the expensive ones. Ask yourself which is your priority, then choose the one that is most suitable.

I am surprised there's no pantyliner for G-string yet in Malaysia. I used to love the Moxie brand pantyliner, which you can fold at the back to form any shape of underwear. Sadly, it is not available in Malaysia. 


1. Prices quoted above may be vary in different stores. I tried to take photo of the normal price tag in the pharmacies I went to, but when I came home, I realized I got it all confused. So I had to quote the price that's printed on the receipt and they're mostly discounted price.

2. Some people might have different opinion from what I've wrote about because they're all based on personal preferrences. Do not take this as an objective view.

3. Some of the brands have different lines of pantyliners. My reviews above don't represent all the pantyliners under the same brand. It is really impossible for me to purchase all the pantyliners in the market to compare. I just pick up the above because I think those are the common ones that we will buy.

Do you like product comparison posts like this? I find it more useful to write this kind of posts as oppose to a single product review. When comparing with different brands and products, you guys can see the differences better and can decide better which product is for you. Let me know if you girls like product comparison posts more, or do you all like a single product review in a post better?


Jean said...

thanks so much for the effort on this! it's a good guide for girls!!!

eymbeauty said...

thanks so much for this review!
i always get kotex but i never realized it was one the more expensive end! yikes :( :D

Nana Farhanna said...

wow this helps a lot! i only used kotex scented green tea. tried some other but cant rmbr which brand, but hates it due to odour. but so far i'm using this as it helps regulates the odour. cos i wear pantyliners on daily basis, during the day. therefore, getting rid of the odour is really my main point. :)

will try the others if they're good. :D

Arisa Chow said...

useful post! thanks for sharing :)

мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

Thank you so much for posting this post Jerine,it would help me a lot too :D

mabelebam said...

Thanks for sharing, Jerine! :D The review helps because I usually purchase in bulk (eg: 80 pcs + free 20 pcs) so it's really frustrating when the quality is not ideal...and I'd still have to use it all up before trying another brand.

But so far I find Carefree to be the best in terms of odour control, adhesiveness and comfort. And price as well! :)

little miss smexy said...

It is not weird, it's informative!
Thank you for doing the comparison, I've learnt a lot! =)

Anonymous said...

I am a heavy pantyliner user, and have tried all the mass brands in the market. Recently, I got to try this new brand, Dreams. I swear none of those I used comes close to this. It's really quite amazing how it feels like it's not there! And yet absorbs well. I yet to see it in retails, but think can get online. It's run by Malaysians I heard.

etth said...

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