Mar 22, 2013

Quickest Way to Get Rid of Cellulite

There's no need to intro what is cellulite and how it appears underneath our skin. The point is, all of us have cellulite, it only depends which stage of cellulite we're facing. There are 4 stages of cellulite:
Stage 1: Slight cellulite - This is the earliest stage of cellulite.
Stage 2: Compact cellulite - Where the stubborn fats are starting to accumulate underneath the skin and turns lumpy.
Stage 3: Loose cellulite - When the skin loses its ability to and fatty deposits begin to form causing very obvious orange peel texture.
Stage 4: Painful cellulite - This is the most critical stage of cellulite. Your skin will feel painful when encounter slight pinches. At this stage, you need professional treatment. If not treated, there can be serious condition to your health.
Below are the methods you can opt for to reduce and remove your cellulite... I will discuss the least effective to the most effective method so that you can get a better idea what method works best for you.

Method 1: Exercise
This is more of a prevention rather than cure. If you are at the slight cellulite stage (i.e. Stage 1), regular exercise would be sufficient to prevent cellulite to resurface underneath your skin. On top of that, you have to maintain your weight and watch your diet. When entering Stage 2 cellulite, this method don't really work. And if the cellulite appears on a specific part of your body, exercise would not be the best way to get rid of it.

Method 2: Applying cellulite cream/heat oil
This method is a home remedy which a lot of people would try. It's very easy. You just need to scout for a good cellulite cream or a heat oil and massage your cellulite area religiously. Unfortunately, this method is not for lazy girls and it is time consuming. You have to dedicate about half hour every day for the massage, and how effective is your cellulite cream is also highly relevant. The results pay back is quite slow. You can probably see the difference six months down the line (provided you do it everyday). I tried to follow this method and even contemplating of getting the Soap & Glory Sit Tight Intensive XS, however my level of determination is quite low. I gave up after a month because it is very tiring to massage my cellulite area (my back thighs).

Method 3: Concentrated cellulite massage
Some beauty parlour offer cellulite massage services. It is pretty much the same thing as Method 2, the only differences are (1) you don't have to do it yourself, and (2) the masseurs are trained to deal with cellulite matters. This method is definitely more effective compared to the above because professionally trained masseurs would have better understanding on how to massage the cellulite area. If you're looking for one, Amante has very good professional masseurs and it costs only RM49 for first timers. You might need to check back with Amante on this.

Method 4: Professional treatment
This is the safest, fastest, and most effective way to get rid of your cellulite.You can simply walk in into any slimming centre and they have special packages for you to choose from. They have a combination of massage treatment, machine treatment, cream (or any product) application, diet plan, etc. for you to follow. It is a holistic method of getting rid of your cellulite at a faster rate. Because I've gave up my Method 2 option due to slow result, I decided to engage Marie France Bodyline.

There are plenty of slimming centres out there, but why Marie France? Well, simply because Marie France is a reputable slimming centre, and they are the most established brand in the market. I personally like Marie France better than other beauty centre because of their customer service culture that they practice... they don't force you to spend on unnecessary stuff, they are result orientated (means they actually keep up with your expectation, if you're not happy with it then they will find a solution to achieve your expectation), and they take the effort to understand the client's body and implement the best treatment according to the different types of client.

Let me share with you what I did at Marie France...

To start off, the consultant will have a short interview to understand my expectation and needs. During this consultation period, they took my weight and height to calculate my BMI. I was quite contented when they told me I'm at the ideal BMI. I told the consultant that I want to focus more on my upper back thighs and she agreed with me. I was told that my cellulite is at Stage 2, going in to Stage 3, if not treated right now, it will get worse soon.

There are a lot of treatments to choose from. The consultant will assess the cause of your cellulite and at what stage is the cellulite problem. In normal cases, you only need one session of treatment. But I'm a little bit kiasu, I want fast and noticable result right away.

The consultant recommended me 2 treatments on that day - the Advanced High Constructive Therapy (AHCT) and Accoustic Radial Therapy (ART).

You will get personal room with heated bed.

The AHCT uses infra red wave to penetrate into the skin. It feels like those hand-held massage machine with a combination of suction sensation. Getting ready for my AHCT treatment. The stocking suit is soooooooo funny! I look like I'm wearing long john outside.

The treatment took about 25 minutes, then I proceed to my second treatment - the ART. ART is their new machine. It also feels like a massage machine with suction sensation, except it does not have the infra red wave. This machine is able to penetrate as deep as 3cm into your skin to break that stubborn fatty cellulite. Have to change to kimono for this treatment.

Due to Marie France company policy, I was not allowed to take photos of their machines. At the end of the treatment, I was given a massage and a parafin hand treatment. I paid RM150 for all the treatments, which is a fantastic price because I really can see the improvement. I so regret that I didn't take a before and after photo. If you need testimony, feel free to ask my housemates. I couldn't wait to show them the result when I reached home. Besides reducing my orange peel texture, the treatment actually made my thighs thinner. Never in my life I could wear my dress from bottom up. The dress would normally get stuck at my thighs area. Now I can wear all my dresses from bottom up. Wheeeee...........

I'm still contemplating if I should sign up for the package or should I just go back to Method 2?

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