Apr 3, 2013

Nails Inc., Butter London & Ciate in Malaysia

Last month I mentioned that in this post that Nails Inc., Butter London and Ciate is coming to Malaysia. Well, you can now get them at Sephora! It is already in the store for the past two weeks. I wanted to wait for my Monday Mani post to post this up, but I really can't contain my excitement and I want all of you to know right away.

I spotted them at Sephora while browsing around and I got my hands on some of the nail polish:

I picked up Nails Inc. Royal Botanical Garden, Butter London Thames and Ciate Sugared Almonds.

I got so excited like a kid in candy store. Literally!!! My nose was bleeding at one point and I couldn't be bothered by it and continue browsing. Christine had to look for tissue paper for me while I was busy digging the stash.

Let's start with the Nails Inc. Royal Botanical Garden. This is suppose to be a limited edition color (I checked it from their website). It is milky-mint-turquoise-somewhat-Tiffany color. I love the color (it's my most favorite color) and I also really love the name. The formula is really creamy. It is sufficient to apply a single coat, but I have two coats on in the photo below:

The bottle reminds me of Bloop nail polish. It comes with a round brush. Easy to apply and drying time is superb!

The Butter London Thames is a shimmer blue-ish green. This is the color which I've been hunting and wanting for months!!!!! I wanted to order from Luxola but it was kinda pointless to just order one nail polish. Finally!!! This color is like a peacock color or you can say a mermaid's scale (I never really seen mermaid scale before but in my mind it looks pretty much like Thames). It could pass as a duo-chrome but the effect didn't show well on the nails. The formula is pretty sheer and thin. I had 3 coats below:

The bottle is a bit hard to handle because of the flat square shape. And there are double layer of lid. First you need to lift the square cap and there's another screwed lid inside. The brush is pretty similar to China Glaze - round and slim.

Ciate had me at the packaging. I'm a sucker for cute and pretty packaging and I'm sure you guys know by now. It is a bit hard to decide which color I wanted to pick from Ciate because I want them all. In the end, I choose the Sugared Almonds which is a nude color. This shade reminds me of OPI Samoan Sand but it leans more towards pink. The pastel peach color is very feminine. I think this is the kind of nude shade that suits all skintone. I have two coats on:

Same case as Butter London, the flat square shape is a bit inconvenient to handle. I'm so used to holding round bottle nail polish. And the brush is flat, somewhat similar to OPI.

Nails Inc. - RM59
Butter London - RM54
Ciate - RM52

My opinion:

1. The price is pretty ok. It's about the same price as OPI, maybe a little bit cheaper.

2. You should check out Nails Inc. pastel colors and their Effects line. The 3D glitter is awesome!

3. Butter London is famous of their shimmer colors. I think they do a great job in shimmers. Go check that out.

4. If you're fan of nude/neutral colors, check out Ciate. I love all their nudes. It's really hard to narrow down my option to one bottle.

5. Since it's newly arrived, their testers are all working very well. You know how the old nail polish testers that dry up are so inconvenient to test? Well, if you want to try out the color, I advise you to pay Sephora a visit as soon as possible. Besides, the turnover of new items at Sephora is pretty fast. if you have any color that you really want to get, get it fast before the sold out. Then you have to wait for months before you can get it.

By the way, I also collected the Bare Minerals sample from Sephora:

Are you a member of Sephora? Did you get the email to collect your samples? Better do it fast. They already ran out of the light shades and I have no choice but to pick the medium shade. Luckily it blends well with my skin. Anyway, I suspect they running out of stock, so you better hurry.

By the way, which brand you like the most? Nails Inc., Butter London or Ciate? I like Ciate the most because of its bottle. LOL!!!


Chuen said...

Love the nail polish by Nail Inc and Ciate! Oh no... I haven't collected my bare minerals sample yet! Have to go collect it ASAP.

Jerine said...

@Chuen: Better be quick! I think they're running low on stock.

Jiawun - Beauty Nerd By Night said...

Woohoo! It is pretty weird that Butter & Ciate is cheaper than OPI here though.. since they are more expensive in the US.. haha!

Great post girl. Now I need to run to Sephora.. immediately.. haha thanks for the info :D

Jerine said...

@Jia Wun: That's what I thought too. Ciate is like a premium brand in US and it's so expensive! It's quite affordable here.

Choi Yen said...

Oh, the packaging of the Ciate is so kawaii, tempting tempting !!

Pink and Undecided said...

Always wanted to try all three brands, too bad not a available in Indonesia yet. I'm going to malaysia in june but only to jb so i hope i can find them in Singapore!

Teng Xwei said...

Yay ciate!!!!

Jerine said...

@Choi Yen: Go get it! Hehehe...

@Mindy Pauline: I think Singapore should have it. Go check it out there.

@íм χшËî: Hehe...

Yuh Jiun said...

Turquoise is my favourite colour too! And the packaging is so cuteee can die <3

dreliz said...

OMG I love the Ciate packaging!! It's too adorable!!! >.<

LauraLeia said...

You make me want to grab that Nails Inc one ASAP!!! >__< And I absolutely love the darling bottle of Ciate. :3

Jerine said...

@Yuh Jiun: Haha... You'll see a lot of turquoise nail polish soon.

@dr eliz: Hahaha.. Me too! I plan to collect more.

@LauraLeia: I know you love turquoise too. Purposely tempting you. Hehehe...

мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

I also redeemed my sample already that day and on my way out i spotted Ciate and Nails.inc too,but no Butter London yet hehe i also tried on the nails.inc nail polish :P